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The Angel of Strength – a coronavirus covid 19 post

It’s clear now that we all face more time in lockdown that maybe at first some of us imagined we might have to! It’s a sobering thought for some – for others maybe cause to celebrate and for others still a realisation that will have made the heart sink in despair.

Each of us are finding the challenges of our current situation different depending on who we are and where we are in our life and on our path and of course in certain circumstances who we are with! Some of us are loving the isolation, the pause and peace whilst others find it literally their worst nightmare.

It’s wrong to judge, to say that people shouldn’t be feeling the way that they are feeling – everyones reaction is valid and worthy of compassion, empathy and respect and it’s wrong too to think that there is a one size fits all solution to the situation as for some certain methods aren’t applicable or just don’t work. So is there anything that we can all do now to both help ourselves and others?

Well – as the Divine says – we have an Angel for that …

The Archangel Gaburathiel is the Angel of strength, endurance and stamina and absolutely the angel for the task at hand!

Gaburathiel means “the Life of God”, he is offcially the Archangel of Strength and Fortification representing the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical strength that we need to endure, carry on and triumph in life. He is an Angel to turn to when we feel spent and exhausted and yet still have so much to do, or when we face a seemingly overwhelming task that we simply feel is beyond us.

Gaburathiel can lend us his strength and power as well as magnify our own, super charging us with energy temporarily in order to get the job done. He can fortify our heart during testing times of trauma or grief, strengthen the mind so that we might be better focused and disciplined as well as helping us to comprehend and see the world with renewed clarity and understanding. He can empower us physically so that we are “up to the challenge” set before us, strengthening our immune system and physical strength and wellbeing and help spiritually by amplifying our vibration helping us to maintain our frequency or even accelerate to a higher level, giving us the push that we need to “move on”.

His scent is Ylang Ylang and Geranium and his colour russet, orange, amber, burnished bronze and gold. His crystals are Peach Scolercite, Amber, Carnelian and Citrine.

Call upon him now – invoke his name or chant it softly to call him close, drawing him and his power into your energy system. Pray to him for strength for both the self and others – always being sure to say that what you ask is for the greater good of all and to harm none and that it flows in accordance with the will of the Higher Self. Dedicate chosen crystals to him and carry or wear them or pop them through the posts to friends and family members as gifts. Remember him and when you have a need of his power invite him into home and heart and mind and spirit, giving him leave to help you as he may.

The illustration above – one of mine – depicts him as a circus strong man – reminding us that strength and power also comes from joy and laughter, entertainment and smiles as well as the heart and soul of the warrior. Be open then to the many ways in which he might bring you strength – reminding  you of happier times, playing a song on the radio that makes you dance, bringing something to your mind that makes you laugh or smile. Be open to his unique and masterful miracle and magic and the clever way in which he uses it to shore up your strength and remind you of your own might and power. Call upon Gaburathiel to help get you through and remember – you are not alone – the Divine is ever watching and his power – often through his angels – always near!

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