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The Liminal Space – a coronavirus covid 19 post

A friend of mine – Sandra Duckworth I doff my cap to thee – recently mentioned in a text exchange how she was experiencing the lockdown as a liminal space, sometimes known as a space betwixt between!


Of course this is a liminal space – I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t seen it myself before – a space that is neither one thing nor another, a space between the realms, a space of great magical potential and power!

Liminal spaces are abound in the magical world when you know how to look for them, dawn, midday, dusk, midnight – these are all liminal spaces – as are seasonal changes, equinoxes and full moons and the points when the luna tides shift from waxing to full and full to waning and of course waning to dark!

Then there are liminal spaces – hedges, under bridges and arches, stone circle and rivers and streams – anywhere that is neither here nor there!

These moments, these places are powerful BECAUSE they are neither one thing nor the other and as such potentially therefore anything and everything we might want to make them be! They are potentialities waiting to be directed where the energy of the numinous – the un-manifest waiting to be made manifest – lies in abundance.

They are also considered – magically speaking – to be spaces between the worlds – sacred spaces like temples or magic circles, where the Gods and Spirits might be more easily seen and communed with. Places where magic made is magnified and gathers, waiting to be shaped and directed by will.

In lockdown we are neither completely static nor really moving, not exactly bound to our homes but also at the same time neither at liberty to roam, not inert but also not active – we are suspended, trapped, caught between the realms of being!

In liminal space time moves differently, lurching forwards one moment and dragging its heels the next, stretching and expanding and constricting for no apparent reason, dimensions shifting like toffee pulled on a machine. This explains why at the moment some of us are experiencing the days dragging whilst others feel them flying by. Why some haven’t a clue where in the week they are and others find the physical space in which they find themselves detained either HUGE or teeny tiny!

It also explains why so many of us are having strange dreams at the moment because now – more than ever before – the astral planes are closer and our awareness of them more profound! If you having difficulty sleeping then or find yourself exhausted with the weird and wonderful dreams you are having try casting a circle of white or violet light around your bed at night – three times clockwise should do – as this will screen out unwanted astral influences and restore balance, harmony and calm.

During this time then I would suggest you make the most of this national – if not global – liminal space, as they tend to occur in such a way only rarely throughout our year – usually during high days and bank holidays like Easter and Christmas. Meditate more now and try and reach out to connect with your guides, you might be amazed at the clarity of connection you can make! Dust off your Tarot and Oracle cards and give yourself and others readings – your divinatory and clairvoyant skills should be potentially off the charts! And most importantly of all focus your attention – and the ambient energy – on manifesting your dreams and your desires!

Liminal spaces are POWERFUL, magical and holy and not to be sniffed at, make then the most of the moment and take back from it at least a little positivity in this time of darkness and despair because all things pass and as and when the world goes back to normal this liminal space will fade too!

Thank you Sandra Duckworth for getting this old fool to look up from his computer key board and see the magical in the world again – I shall treasure it as a light within the gloom.

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