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THE POWER OF BEAUTY – a channelling from the Ascended Master St Germain

In times of darkness – both literally and figuratively – humanity requires energy in order to … power through!

Energy can be found in a variety of different locations … in a variety of different vibrations and frequencies from the energy found in crystals and stones to the energy found in the forest and the sea.  

However each different stream of energy has its specific and appropriate administration – crystal energy is good for the mind, the energy of nature fortifies the body and the power of the sea tends to the many needs of the heart.

So … what of the Spirit? what energy best serves the Spirit of humanity? Something which – at this moment in time is in dire need!

Beauty. Beauty is the energy that best serves the Spirit and the Soul. Beauty. In form and sound and sight and touch and taste … beauty!

As we move into winter … as the darkness approaches … as we endure this most difficult of years humanity would be advised to focus on drawing more and more beauty into their lives in order to provide themselves with the power that they need to survive and excel and carry on.

However you might find it, however you might best serve yourself with its delights – whether this be through the admiring of art or the listening to of music. Whether this is sampling the delights of food or drink … whether this is spoiling yourself with exotic aromas, or the luxury of fine touch. Whether the beauty that you dine upon is in nature or the smile of someone you love, whether it is in the sound of friendly voice or wonder of your own creation … beauty is the power that you need! 

Despite how strange this might sound the mystics of old have known of the power of beauty since the beginning of time and this is why they have encouraged and invested energy in promoting its manifestation throughout the world. In the practice of ancient alchemy – of which I am a Master – the power of beauty was represented by the metal Copper and the planet Venus. The Goddess of which is known not only by that name but also as Aphrodite.

Many have thought of this goddess as vapid and vain – her power being centred around love and its carnal delights but it truth Aphrodite was favoured and honoured by gods and mortals alike because of their intrinsic knowing of their need for the power that she represented. The power to open the eyes and the heart and the soul to beauty and wonder. The power to feed the spirit with that which it creates and needs in order to survive and transcend.

In times of need then call to her, that she might help you to find the beauty in your life and draw from it the power that you require. So that you might journey through the darkness into the light unscathed, held by beauty power and touch, safe and energised and well … in beauties name.


Mighty Aphrodite

Goddess of Venus

Of beauty and of love

Open our eyes and hearts and spirits

That we might know your presence in our life

and dine from its wonders until we are full

blessed by its power and grace.

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