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We are told – by Spirit – that the further we journey on the spiritual path the more we must become responsible for our thoughts and actions!

To do so is to master the self – we are told – to do so is to recognise the power of our thoughts and deeds and take responsibility for the way in which they impact upon not only our own well being but also the well being of those around us and the energy within our ambient sphere. 

Self awareness then here is key – to become increasingly cognisant of our power, our energetic foot print – the way in which our actions have implications for others and the world. To see and recognise the responsibility we have not only to ourselves but also to others – to the planet – and to acknowledge the way in which ALL things are interconnected and linked.

As this applies to those on the spiritual path so too does it apply to all others – if humanity is to learn and grow they too must be held accountable for their actions – whether this be by themselves OR by those that might monitor over them – helping them in effect to learn and ensuring that their mistakes – whether they claim them or not – won’t inadvertently harm others!

This is ALL OUR DUTY – ALL OUR RESPONSIBILITY not to allow those who might consciously or unconsciously harm others to “get away with it” but rather to face their responsibilities and learn and deal with them!

Of course there is the danger that this can turn into the “blame game” or simply passing the buck BUT this – in and of itself – does not mean that people should be given carte blanc when it comes to owning their actions! Because sometimes this is the ONLY way of ensuring that those people will make amends for the disasters that they have set in motion rather than simply paying it lip service or sweeping it under the carpet!

When people say then – at this moment in time – that there is no point in blaming people now for the mistakes that they have made in regards to the pandemic and so on – we need to move on – I DISAGREE!

Evidence seems to prove that if these people are allowed to “get away with it” for the sake of “pushing on” then mistakes will continue to be made and NO ONE takes responsibility for what has been done! We only need to take a look at the Test And Trace situation in the united Kingdom to see that this is true!

In my opinion now more than ever WE must not only be accountable for our own actions on a daily basis – in regards to our personal response to the Pandemic BUT at the same time too not fail in our duty to hold those others accountable for their actions too whether they be friends, family, clients OR members of the government! For shirking our responsibility and allowing others to get away it – whatever it might be breeds contempt and in time  lawlessness – something which in itself leads to anarchy and despair!

I would say then be bold and be brave – take responsibility for your actions and do all within your power to ensure that others do the same too! This is the ONLY way to move forwards, the only way to evolve and ascend – we must take responsibility for our actions and when others won’t make them take responsibility too!

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