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To Thine Own Self Be True

As we journey on the spiritual path we are encouraged to be and do many different things in order to be … more spiritual!

We are encouraged to be non judgemental – to be compassionate – to acknowledge that all are one –  having come from the same source. We are encouraged to recognise that personality is ultimately an illusion – a manifestation of the egoic self and that beneath this “Mia” is the true reality that is the spark of the Divine – the Soul. AND we are encouraged to be true to ourself – to have integrity in our thoughts and actions!

Shakespeare (or St Germain – when he was Francis Bacon – depending upon what you believe) summed it up most succinctly in his play Hamlet when Polonius says …

“This above all : To thine own self be true

And it must follow, as the night the day

Thou canst not be false to any man …”

I have always been led to believe – by Spirit – that this – above and beyond all else – is ESSENTIAL if we are to evolve, to ascend, to become enlightened! For – taking responsibility for your thoughts and actions – as they are at any given moment in time – and standing by them honestly – whether or not you endeavour to change them – strengthens your authenticity as a person as well as the integrity of your energy and being.

Spirit say …

“The holistic energy system “knows” truth from lie and it responds well to truth – growing in strength and power and badly from lies – weakening and diminishing in potency. As a result of this when we endeavour to do anything – NOT because we want to or believe it is right BUT because we believe it is expected of us or because we believe that by doing so we will impress – we create a falsity that undermines our integrity and diminishes our vibration and well being!”

It isn’t easy – living a life of truth – navigating the path of “walking your talk” and being true to yourself whilst endeavouring to be a better person but it is essential for growth and it is the very reason that I decided NOT to send healing to President Donald Trump!

Now I know that people might expect me to “take the higher ground” and “do the spiritual thing” … to align with my Soul and see through the illusion of the man to his divinity and focus my healing thoughts there but … I just couldn’t! I tried and tried and tried but EVERY-TIME I focused my thoughts on him I felt my vibration plummeting and all I was left with was ANGER!

I cannot abide the man – I CANNOT stand him! I think he is influenced – possibly willingly – by dark forces and not some innocent egocentric being “ridden” by demons or shadows as some might suggest, or someone serving a grander bigger hidden positive spiritual purpose. 

Now don’t get me wrong – I don’t wish the man ill, I don’t wish him unwell or – Goddess forbid – dead BUT at the same time I CANNOT wish him well! I wrestled with what to do and finally settled on wishing him – order!

You see Trump is all about chaos – he’s all about disorder – he’s all fake news and film flam – a snake oil salesman trying to hood wink the masses into thinking he’s bigger and more powerful than he is. He’s an insidious worm tongue – whispering in the ears of the masses and implanting fear and racial separatism, creating concerns about voting systems that are proven to be sure and sturdy, dripping poison and strengthening fear and doubt. THIS is what his entire tenure as President has been about – divide and conquer – bate and frighten – demean and denounce and confuse and the best way to combat all of this is ORDER.

Order re-establishes truth, it realigns people to their source, it banishes illusion and lies and strengthens hope and love.

So – being true to myself – I sent him order – order for his illness and order all around him – order in his actions and his deeds, in his words and thoughts – harmony and balance and order and TRUTH! And this is what I would encourage not only those – like me – struggling to send him light to do but EVERYONE who has a hope for a better world right now. I would encourage them to do this for America in its time of struggle and need and to do this for the world.


Thats the way to ensure that you will sustain integrity within your being whilst doing the best you can to help heal this world at this moment in time of the darkness that assails it!

And as for those that disagree …

To thine own self be true!


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