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The Angels of Order – A Covid 19 Post

So … whether we see the wisdom of it or not it seems the world is moving again and we are being encouraged to move with it out into the “new normal” whatever that might be!

In order to do this in a way that is safe for us on all levels – mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually – and safe for those about us too we must be in a state of balance and order as we return. The lockdown for many of us having created a false sense of security that sees us having grown into a strange shape within the comfort and protection of our homes four walls.

One way to achieve this is to call upon the “Sorophic Energy” –  the energy of harmony and balance – a power that restores and sustains a state whereby everything is as and when and what it should be, in the right place at the right time – in accordance with Divine will and timing and the will of our Higher Self.

A state maintained by the Principalities and Mentalities, Archangelic Choirs or collectives which were created by the Divine to keep its consciousness and the energy of the universe in check – heavenly antibodies if you will akin to those seen within the microcosm of our bodies – all be them much more efficient. 

This energy of order is referred to by Spirit as Sorophic Energy, the  antithesis is chaotic energy – something that we are encouraged not to give a name to – the energy of decay, randomness, disruption and the action of things “falling apart”. Before duality – limited space and time – there was only order but once our dimension came into being with its laws and limitations – one of these being the law of polarity – chaos was born in counter balance. These forces then – chaos and order –  have been acknowledged, examined and fought against throughout time in many different cultures, many basing their entire mythologies and cosmologies around them – such as the Greeks and Zeus’s battle with Typhon (God of chaos) and the Norse people and Odin’s battle with the Ice Giants. 

In order to prevent this from happening in ourselves then and in the world around us we need to use the power of order to create ordered space, ordered selves and ordered people in an ordered world!

Here then are some of those Mentalities and Principalities referred to as the the Angels of Order who can help …


The Four Archangels of Order, Harmony Balance and Comfort

These angels form an alternative to the traditional elemental Archangels that we might usually conjure within the magic circle, they are …

North – Earth – Zeruel the Angel of the Everlasting Arms – Sometimes called Zeruch the many armed and many winged angels name means “set over strength” and he is an angel of Comfort.  His power can reassure, renewing strength and trust. He can be identified by his colour –  a soft pale blue violet – of his scent Frankincense. Call upon him when you feel sad or weary of life, when you need comfort, hope and strength and his arms will bear you up and never let you fall.  Crystals – Lapidolite

East – Air – Itqual the Angel of Harmony – An angel of affection radiating unobtrusive good cheer and well being she is an angel of laughter and joy and can help with the transmutation of aggrieved feelings. The perfect angel for the manifestation of harmony in others in regards to disputes and misunderstandings – whether this be relatives or world leaders – Itqual is one of the “little ones of God” who whispers positive soothing truths into the subconscious mind healing their sickness of disharmony. Her colour is honey and her scent is honey also. Crystals – Crazy Laced Agate, Honey Calcite.

South – Fire – Dokiel the Angel of Balance – Known as the Weighing angel the “archangel who is like the sun holding the balance of dawn and dusk in his hand” he can be identified through his colours – golden honey coloured light – or his scent, which is Benzoin. Call upon him when you feel thrown off kilter by shock and trauma, distress and anger and need a stern calming hand to put you back together and in rhythm and balance. When ever you question your judgement or perception, whenever you feel “all over the place” Dokiel can help. Crystals – Amber, Orange Calcite.

West – Water – Sadriel the angel of Order – Capable of removing excessive states of excitement, rebelliousness and egocentricity he brings calm and sobering energy to spaces and environements. As the Angel of Order he is the principle angel we are encouraged to call upon to create a safe and sacred space in which to operate – it is his symbol that Lord Kahn wears. The order he creates is not oppressive or controlling but natural and harmonious, his colour is orange gold and his scent is that of Myrrh. Crystals – Citrine, Carnelian.


Here then is a little practice whereby the Archangels might be invoked so that we might call upon their power to positively influence our life and the energy and space around us and lives of others with order, harmony and peace!


  • Beginning with the hands at the heart unfold them so that they are suspended either side of the body and say …
  • Mighty Zeruel Archangel of the North, Archangel of the Everlasting Arms hold us and reassure us, renewing our strength and trust in the Divine. Dissolve our sadness and restore our weary hearts, provide us with comfort, hope and strength that we might never fall.
  • Bring the hands back in to rest over the heart and say …
  • Mighty Itqual Archangel of East, Archangel Harmony bring us your unobtrusive cheer and bless us with well being so that we might know laughter and joy again and be released of all our aggrieved feelings. Bring us harmony and let it flow out into our lives. Into the lives of our family and friends, let it flow out into our world and those who would lead it. Mighty Itqual  “little one of God” who whispers soothing truths into the subconscious mind, heal the sickness of disharmony that we suffer from. 
  • Bring the left hand away from the heart point up towards the ceiling and the right hand down towards the earth and say …
  • Mighty Dokiel Archangel of the South, Archangel of Balance he who is like the sun holding the balance of dawn and dusk in his hand, heal and restore us, releasing the shock and trauma, the distress and anger that we hold, with your calm and strong hands to put us back together and resurect the rhythm and balance of our peace. Mighty Dokiel help us.
  • Bring the hands into the heart briefly and then unfold them, this time the right pointing towards the ceiling and the left towards the earth and say …
  • Mighty Sadriel Archangel of the West, Archangel of Order remove those excessive states of being that entrap us, freeing us from the rebelliousness of the little will and egocentricity that it brings. Calm and sober us and bring this peace into our life and world, creating for us a safe and sacred space in which to live. Mighty Sadriel bring natural and harmony that we might be restored.
  • Now let the hands fall to either side of your body and stand in the presence and grace of the Angels. allowing their light to restore you and return you to a state of harmony, grace and peace. 


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