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The Trickster

Beware those men. The jokers and

“Beware the jokers and the tricksters and the clowns, they will laugh us all to hell.” Muriel from the BBC Russel T Davis show Year and Years.

The Trickster is a dark ally, an archetype and God form who throughout history and the world has played the part of the villain, empowering the hero along the way by testing and challenging their will and wit, their courage and their power with deception and lies. Sometimes the hero rises triumphant – after being initially assailed, imprisoned and defeated and sometimes they do not. Their ultimate success being dependant upon their ability to recognise the Trickster for who and what they are and find the courage to turn the tables on them. 

The trickster is around us still – he is found in the politician (and his advisors), in the cult leader and his unquestioning acolytes, in the big companies and their hidden agenda’s, in the dogmatic religions which seek to control and disempower, in the fraudster and scam artist – however friendly or familiar they might seem to be and even the conniving relative and their envious deceptions.

However he is also found inside as our willingness to comply, to turn a blind eye and let others fight the fight that in truth we know we should be part of too. He is our reluctance to confront, our lethargy and prejudice, our apathy and selfishness, our ego and our fear. He is the social and environmental conditioning that goes against the nagging doubt of truth or sense of justice that cries out within our heart and head. He is our dark shadow, our id and inner saboteur.

If then we are to be alert … it is for this … for those around us, in positions of power, for those who would seek to appeal to our fear and paranoia, our stupidity and naivety. To our simple hope that it will “all come out in the wash”, that it isn’t really our problem, that we don’t truly have the power to make a difference, to make a change.

We MUST take a stand, speak our truth, stand in our power and our light – God or the Goddess or the Great Spirit – call it what you will – will NOT do this for us – this problem is not of their making and therefore not theirs to resolve. This is our problem, born from our free will and as such it is our destiny and in part our purpose to resolve it. To make this realisation and find this willingness to make a difference, to make a change.

Too many lives have been lost by not acting, too many families parted, too many countries destroyed through reticence and the belief that “God will find a way” – now is the time to realise that WE are the gods of our own realities, we the spirits … the ONLY ones that have the power to make the change. 

As Muriel said “Beware the jokers and the tricksters and the clowns, they will laugh us all to hell.” IF we allow them too!

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