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The Angel of Birdsong

Now is the time of birdsong – whether it be the dawn chorus that greets us when we rise or the gentle cacophony of calls and tweets that alerts us to dusks approach.

Here in the countryside of Northumberland – far from the maddening crowds of civilisations – the bird song is rich and sonorous, its melody echoing through the woodlands with the overlapping calls of Crows and Starlings, Wood Pigeons and Ring Neck Doves, Wood Peckers and Nuthatches.  

The Archangel  Anpiel – whose name means branch of God- is the Archea (female Archangel) of birdsong.

Anpiel says that the Divine hid inside the songs of the birds secrets that mankind would need as they journeyed on their way throughout history. Sonic codes and keys for healing, enlightenment and ascension – awakenment, strength, passion and joy!

All contained within the twittering and warbling of a hundred thousand birds – held in sacred trust throughout the ages through all the ancestral lines of the birds of the world. 

Anpiel guides these birds to you when you are in need, she encourages you to listen so that you might receive directly what you lack as the birdsong speaks to the energy of your spirit, mind, heart, body and soul. 

Be open then now as her gentle loving energy reaches out to you and be open too to the birds guiding you always in love and harmony – bringing peace to your being and comfort and strength when you need it the most.

Close your eyes and spare a moment – breathe and listen to their song, let it speak to the cells and molecules of your body, to energetic particles of your being, to the light and energy of your Soul. 

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know what the song is saying – just let it sing its song and weave its magic – speaking in the ancient language to that part of you with is infinite and eternal. Unwinding the mysteries that were old when Atlantis was young, painting a picture in your heart of paradise and Eden now sadly long since gone.

Bask in the sound and glory of bird song and spare a moment to Anpiel and offer her a prayer of thanks for the glory and wonder of her presence found in every tweet and trill.

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