Fairy Folk

The Strong Wee Folk

Ask someone in the street about the Fairy folk and they will talk to you about Tinkerbell and Flower Fairies! Tutu wearing wide eyes girls with dragonfly wings and wands with stars on the end.

This is the image we have been sold, a relatively modern day fairy folk, largely disempowered from their origins in the folk law of our ancient pagan land. For once the wee folk were the might Sidhe (pronounced SHE) – elemental beings as tall as you or I, wise in knowledge and mighty in power, with magic that surpassed the wizards and witches of our kind.

So what happened to these once great beings that so reduced them to the glitter sprinkling wish granting Fay now commonly associated with their kind? Well when the Fay fled into the other world – to escape the persecution of man – they wove a might spell alongside all the other elemental races – called the first great enchantment. This made mankind forget that they ever existed in anything other than fairy tales and folk songs, eradicating their truth from the world.

They did this in order to ensure than humanity would not pursue them, to give them space and time to regroup and regrow, to give mankind time to evolve and learn the truth – they all are one in regards to their origin in the Divine.

In truth the Fay never stoped being mighty, never stoped being wise, their power blazes still on the ether, their wisdom and their magic still surpassing our own all these years on. Now then maybe it is time to remember them for who and what they were, to welcome them back into our lives, to make room for them in our minds and hearts. To honour them and ask their forgiveness, to love them and seek their kind return that we might once again as we did before benefit from their shining light.

Maybe it is time to call them home and once again walk by their side, hearts and minds and spirits as one.

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