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The second Calcite I have decided to write about this month is Mangarno Calcite.

Mangarno Calcite – with its creamy white pink blancmange like colour and oddly pleasing soft texture (not unlike soap stone) is the great healer amongst the Calcites. Not only does it have a powerful soothing effect upon the heart and the emotional body but it also helps bring pain relief to aching rheumatic and arthritic joints!

It does this by not only working on the etheric energy that underpins our physical joints, cartilage and bones but also by soothing the nervous system that conveys the pain providing short term relief and ease.

Worked with long term – in conjunction with orthodox medical treatment (needless to say) and it can help to heal inflamed and swollen joints helping to restoring ease of movement and flexibility.

On an emotional level it nurtures the heart and emotional body bringing deep love and comfort to the sensitive and helping to restore faith and trust in the traumatised. It works by opening up the pathways of communication between the conscious and unconscious mind as well as those energetic pathways between ourself and the power of Divine Love found in the Universe. This power – which is the province of the Divine Mother and streams from her heart to ours constantly – can easily become disconnected from and Mangarno Calcite helps to reforge those lost lines of energy bringing us back to a closer contact with the loving healing energy that we all need.

The final magic of Mangarno Calcite is invisible but seen in the way in which it fluoresces until ultra violet light! 

Here we get a glimpse of the hidden light within Mangarno Calcite and the way in which it can be used to reveal the hidden power within our own heart – our own co creative Divine Spark! This is that part of our Souls core – the I Am Presence – that we bring with us into each incarnation. It is the part that grows within us as we awaken spiritually and use our gifts and talents for the greater good of all. It is our co creative power, our divine wisdom and our personal magic, shaped and flavoured by the path we take in life. Mangarno Calcite has the power to reveal this inner light too us by opening our power of trust and faith – not only in the Divine – but in our life path, purpose, power and ourself too! 

Mangarno Calcite is then not to be underestimated despite its unassuming demeanour and seemingly gentle power! It is a stone of healing and revelation and one that – in my humble opinion – should be part of every light worker, healer and spiritual aspirants crystal tool box!

Photographs care of Annie Wilkinson Gill from the The Crystal Bhudda 

Mangarno Calcite available from as well as other reputable crystal retailers.

PLEASE NOTE – crystals should not be used in place of orthodox medical treatment but only ever as a complimentary source of healing.

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