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The Angel of the Uniformed Services – a Coronavirus Covid 19 Post

I don’t think anyone would disagree with me at the moment when I say that our uniformed service men and women – be them Doctors, Nurses, the Police or the Army or Firemen and Firewomen – are doing an INCREDIBLE job on our behalf! 

I would add to this list those other “key workers” still braving the virus on a daily basis such as Supermarket workers, Postmen and Postwomen, Post Masters and Post Mistresses and also of course those teachers still working with the children of Key Workers from behind the scenes.

So what – other than a weekly clap from our gardens – can we do for these amazingly brave people – some of whom must be confronted on a daily basis with the most harrowing and desperately sad sights? Well – as the Divine says – we have an Angel for that!

The Archangel Nahinsa – pronounced Na Hinn Sar – Is the archangel of warriors, soldiers, police men and women, those in the fire department and ALL uniformed services and can be called upon to protect these brave men and women and guide them both in their work and when they die in the line of duty. The Archangel Nahinsa escorting the fallen safely into the realm divine.

As well as this Narhinsa is the Angel of bravery and courage and can be called upon to help them find their inner strength when faced on a daily basis with the rigours of battle! He can in fact be called upon by anyone who needs extra strength in facing their fears – which must be one way or another just about all of us at the moment – whatever they might be!

His colour is amber and gold and his stone Amber, Citrine, Pyrites and Lapis Lazuli.

Let us then on a daily, weekly, monthly basis – whatever you can do – remember our brave service men and women and call upon Nahinsa to protect and guide them throughout their day with this simple prayer …


Archangel Nahinsa

Guide and Guardian

Of all those who work so bravely to defend and protect us 

Surround them in your protection

That they may be safe and free from harm

And if this is not meant to be their destiny and path

Then guide them to the light

That they might be received into the loving arms of the Divine

As the heroes who they truly are

This we ask for the greater good of all

And to harm none

Let it then be so

So mote it be


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