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All Are Welcome – helping those dying pass into the light – a Corona Virus Covid 19 Post

As of today – Monday the 30th of March 2020 – the current estimate for global mortality in regards to the Corona Virus Covid 19 pandemic is 34’000 Souls!

It’s a STAGGERING number and it will continue to rise dramatically over the next weeks and months that are to come! 

Those of us practising social distancing and self isolation can’t begin to imagine what it must be like for those brave and frightened frontline workers – doctors and nurses, paramedics and ambulance men and women, hospital porters and mortuary attendants – not to mention funeral directors – who are working all hours God sends and witnessing such incredible tragedy.

Though maybe – when we catch ourselves moaning about how bored we are or how our civili liberties are being curtailed or indeed when we wax lyrical about thanking the virus for the wonderful gifts it has offered us we should spare a thought for them!

Don’t get me wrong here – I get that the world is healing and that people are spending their time rediscovering the truly important things in life and realising how much they took for granted the simple pleasures of their existence BUT sometimes focusing on those things to such an extent where everything else seems ignored and shut out feels less like enlightenment and more like denial!

Of course these are not the only Souls struggling at this moment in time, there are also the infected and also the dead! 

At the moment more and more people are dying every day – people who never imagined that their time would be up, people separated from their loved ones at their most frightening hour, people who simply didn’t expect to die. And some of these Souls are lost, earthbound and trapped, confused and alone having missed the light that would have guided them into the Spirit World.

Rescue work – the practice of mediums and shamans to guide the lost spirits of the dead to the other world – has never really been my thing. I have done it, I have done it for a long, long time – for 28 years to be exact – sitting in Rescue Circles and practicing all manner of rescue work from trance rescue – where the medium is possessed by the lost spirit – to mental mediumship rescue – where the medium counsels the lost soul into the light. But recently I have either left this kind of work to my guides – directing them to the earthbound souls I often see as I go about my day. Or leaving it to other professionals in the field like Kieron Morgan or Shirley Flint – whose website you can find online. But now as the death toll rises more and more of we mediums and healers need to be addressing this problem either consciously in meditation or unconsciously by offering ourselves in sleep to help the Spirit World with this cause.

Rescuing lost spirits doesn’t have to be scary or dangerous – the main reasons many channels and mediums avoid such things – and there a thousand and one ways to do it and you should really find your way. But I will share today my little ritual for rescue that I have been using for years that calls upon the assistance of the Angel of Death himself – Azrael – to guide those lost into the light. If some of us could do this – or something like it – once a week it would make a massive difference at the moment, taking some pressure off of the Spirit World who are working tirelessly as well as to those on the Earth plane who are under unknown stress from the heavy presences lost and heart broken roaming the hospitals in which they died.

Here then is the ritual …

Firstly protect yourself in order to ensure that none of the earth bound presences attach themselves to you by mistake …

1, Call upon the presence of your Guide or Guardian Angel to protect and guide you.

2,  Visualize a violet circle of fire surrounding your body, cast the circle clockwise and do this three times visualising the flames growing higher and higher. Say three times …

I stand in circles of light

Protected and safe and free from harm of all kind

3, Light a single white candle and invoke the presence of the Archangels Azrael by saying …

Archangel Azrael

Angel of the centre and the surround

Angel of Death and Rebirth

I call to you

Aid me in my work this hour …

4, Visualise a brilliant vortex of light opening slowly in the room before you, like a wormhole or doorway into the otherworld

5, Call upon those Earth Bound spirits lost and afraid to see the light and encourage them to enter into it, assuring them that only love and healing and reunion – not judgement – lies within it.

6, Speak the chant …

Ashes to Ashes and dust to dust

Your bones lie underground

Your restless Spirit now must find

A new home to be bound

Seek the light within the Moon

The light within the Sun

The light within the brightest star

Where ever it is shone

There Azrael will take you in wings of Spiders web

There family await you

In the land of the dead.

7, Hold the energy and allow the spirits to pass.

8, Close the vortex and give thanks.


I CANNOT stress enough just how important this work is now and so I hope that many of you reading this will join me in this VERY important and crucial light work so that together we might aid those who remain here and fight the virus on our behalf and those who have lost their fight and now are encouraged to move on!




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