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When there is nothing left to do … pray.

It’s been a tough couple of days – on top of a tough couple of weeks – on top of a tough couple of months – at the start of what threatens to be a tough year!

Not just for me – though I am not unashamed to say I am feeling it today – but for everyone. Everyone who has been touched by the Virus – in whatever way that might be – health wise, mental health wise, financially, work related etc … etc … etc As well as those who have been touched by the atrocity of the death of George Floyd and all that it has – quite rightly – sparked within the world. Add to that a dose of Trump, a smattering of our own government, the deaths and riots and protests and righteous anger and … times are tough.

Throughout this crisis I have tried to be a voice of positivity for all – after all I have a lot to be positive about! I am well and safe, managing to keep the wolf from the door, to keep working. I live in a beautiful house, in a beautiful place, I am a white privileged male, in love and loved by another – where as many of those who have walked the “rainbow” path before me have not enjoyed such freedoms. I have friends, I have family and so life is good but there are days when – despite all that which I have and know and hear and see – life feels like it is simply too much. Too hard. Too unrelenting. Too bleak.

I’m not looking for tea and sympathy here – I’ve never been one for that – I not looking for guidance, counselling or advice. I don’t want healing, I don’t want a virtual hug – I simply want to let you know that its ok – no matter who you are or what you have – to have a bad day. To feel like crap. To get down and depressed and feel the weight of the world. I want you to know – for whatever help it might provide – that I actually think that its ok. That its part of the process of being ok and I want to tell you what I usually do about it.

When all else fails – I pray.

When the affirmations don’t work, when I can’t find my happy thought, when there just isn’t enough chocolate in the world and no words can take the pain away – I pray.

I hand it all over to the Gods.

Let them deal with it – ‘cos I can’t!

Let them carry the can for a while.

The Archangel Sandalphon is the Angel of Prayer – amongst other things. Twin to the Archangel Metatron he is in charge of carrying the prayers of human kind to the Divine that they might be – in some way – answered. He is the Angel who will – for a while – take the burden of your worries off your shoulders and raise them up to the light of the Divine. Then – once decisions have been made – it is his twin – Metatron – the Voice of God – who provides – in some way shape or form – the answer!

Though of course sometimes the answer is – keep on keeping on – or as Dory the fish puts it in the Disney movie Finding Nemo “Just keep swimming”!

Is prayer enough?


We can’t rely upon it to right all wrongs and solve all the problems in the world – only we can do that.

Does it help?

Yes – sometimes.

Is it worth a go?

When there is nothing else to be done – absolutely – yes!

So … when you are struggling, when you are weary, when your heart is fit to burst with anger and grief get down on your knee’s and pray …


Sandalphon – Archangel of Prayer

Take these my words, my woes, my tears, my pain

I offer them to you.

I offer you this weary heart

This weary world

For a while hold it in your hands and offer it to the Gods

In the eternal hope that they might see fit to help

To show me the way

To give me the power

The strength

To carry on

This I pray!

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