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The Energies …

Self mastery is a process of self responsibility – recognising that one has the wisdom and the power to take care of ones self and no longer be dependant upon others for help with those things well within ones power to manage.

It is recognition of our ability to control not only our reality – through the power of our will, desire and thought but also our ability to control too our body, heart and mind.

In this regards choice is power – recognising when to act or remain silent and still, when to take the bait (and the opportunity) or let it pass, when to succumb and surrender or fight and move the will of the masses in a different direction.

Of late – we the Ascended Masters – have noticed that too many are falling under the sway of energies that they are choosing to fall victim too rather than using their knowledge, power and wisdom to combat, neutralise or ride said frequencies to greater heights. 

Aside from the toxic forces – unleashed by the populaces fear and doubt and pessimism these energies are en large sent to Earth by the Divine to advance man by providing them with the fuel and power needed to ascend and evolve. It is only when they are not properly met that they can cause problems, only when they are left indigested that they can cause pain.

This is no new revelation – we have spoken of it for years and years and yet still the spiritual community use energies as an excuse for suffering and difficulty rather than choosing to see them as potential treasures that can be claimed. This we believe is largely because there is a growing victim culture within the spiritual community which insists on seeing sensitivity and readiness as a weakness – using the excuse of energies as a free pass for self mastery and self reliance. A process which MUST stop!

We understand that there is comfort in knowing that others may be experiencing similar difficulties to the ones that you yourself are BUT in sharing your experiences there is the risk that you build a culture of acceptance in regards to the victim role. A culture of excuses which means simply that there is no point in trying, there is no chance of success, their is no possibility for transcendence – which is not true!

In regards to such forces then you must turn to the tried and tested methods of raising your vibration to cope, calling upon Uriel the Archangel of the Solar Fire to better help you digest the energy of Solar Flares or Kakabiel the Archangelic of Starlight to better help you digest planetary and stellar configurations, the Archangel Gabriel to help you with the power of the Moon. 

And then of course there is me – St Germain – whose Violet Flame can be called upon to transmute lower frequency forces and convert them into light which is better ingested by those of a more refined spiritual pallet. 

Whomever you call upon – whatever you do – the excuse of “the energies” is no longer enough … no longer valid and now you MUST move on – take charge – accept responsibility and claim back your power!


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