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The Weary Soul

It is not uncommon – at some point in your life – to wake and ponder … how many more times must I do this? Wake and eat and wash and dress and go to work and pay the bills and struggle and stress? How many more times before I am released?

For most such thoughts pass and the mind becomes re focused on things to look forward to, moments of potential joy and promised delight that enable the spirit to endure the dark mornings and cold nights experienced in the every day and in the soul.

But for some such states of consciousness persist and stick and can be the start of a spiralling descent into depression which – in extreme circumstances – can lead to a compulsion to terminate the existence in the hopes that the next one mighty be easier or better.

What you experience here is Soul Weariness – because the truth is that these routines, these – at times oppressive and seemingly meaningless – repetitions are not just things you have done for 20 years or 30 years but in truth many – many – many lifetimes before!

This weariness can be then an unconscious burden and weight felt from existing on Earth many, many times before and having done the same things – enduring the same struggles – over and over and over again!

Old souls feel this more acutely than new souls – having experienced Earth so many times before that the mundane day to day struggles become meaningless in comparison to the truth and this in time can become a weariness which feels almost inescapable and blocks out all other light within life. 

So what is the solution?

Well in truth there are many – from calling upon the angel of strength – Gaburathiel – to help see you through or the Archangel Zeruel – the angel of the many arms (or the “hug” of God) who can uplift you and hold you until you can once again hold yourself – however MY preferred method is of course the Violet flame.

For the Violet flame can burn away the corrosive illusion of the stain of mundanity and enable you to see beyond it to the glory of life and the presence of the Divine within it. Once again allowing you to embrace all – however mundane – as an act of mindful wonder and delight.

As and when and if then you find yourself in this state call my name – that is all – call my name and close your eyes and rest within my grace. I will know why you have summoned me and I will hold you within my fire. 

Do this for 7 consecutive days and after this break from this ritual and trust that the power will – if it hasn’t already – kick in and clear the dross and reveal the light. 

If you need to repeat this again in the following week then do so – the violet flame cannot be overdone but only ever used to bring light where there is darkness and shadow.

Remember this then – weary soul – and be released.



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