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Into the gloom!

There is no denying that Winter is here – the morning AND evenings are dark and cold and the day time wet and gloomy! The central heating is on – even in our house – though not all the time of course … thats just foolishness!

During such times its common place for us all to begin to feel our energy and motivation winding down towards Christmas, our systems begging us to slow down and seriously consider hibernating – as our ancestors once did – making the most of our stock of light and energy rather than ploughing ahead as if we were still in the height of Summer!

The truth is that we store solar fire – the spiritual light – in our energy systems and live off it all year round but when there is no or little light left to do this with we can very easily find our self deplete and as result of this lapse into exhaustion and depression … or both!

Of course there are ways around this … the wise amongst us will have stock piled the light within the body – ensuring that there is plenty stored in the Solar Plexus Centre to see us through winter! If however this hasn’t been done there are still a few alternative options that we can turn to …

We can draw upon the solar fire in stones – like sunstone, crazy laced agate, citrine, golden topaz or amber or we can draw it from herbs and plants like Kava Kava or St johns Wart or the dried petals of Sunflowers or Marigolds. 

We can call upon the light of the sun from the Angels of the sun – Uriel and Shamsiel or beg a little energy from the Master Khutumi of the yellow ray or the Gods and Goddesses of the sun such as Apollo, Lugh, Ra, Osiris or Gayatri.

Or we can top up on the next best thing such as fresh clean clear prana that we might find by the sea, in the countryside or in parks. Either way – whatever we do – we would do well to do it, particularly if we have found ourselves vulnerable in the past because winter is upon and we are now firmly in the gloom!

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