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We are led to think of limitations as a bad thing, restrictions that hinder and slow us down – however in some circumstances and situations this is far from the truth.

Limitations can sometimes help us to focus our energies, to concentrate our intent and to move forwards in a more efficient and less scattered way. Sometimes in order to move forwards, in order to truly see exactly what it is we are meant to be doing we need lighten our load – even if its just for a little while – so that we can conserve our energy and focus it in the direction in which it truly needs to be invested.

To this end I have decided to suspend my absent healing for a while – as well as my hedge riding and spell singing services, so that I might truly focus my energy on my seership and trance channelling, giving them my full attention and power in the hopes that I might entrench the recent developments that I have made.

This might not be forever but I feel it has to be for now.

In this regards then I would encourage you – all of you walking and working on the spiritual path to remember that from time to time focus is essential in moving forwards. It’s all too easy in this day and age to fall victim to wanting all the sweeties in the sweety shop and (if you have the money to indulge yourself) to do just that. This however of course was not how it was in the ancient mystery schools and not something either that our energy systems are designed to handle. 

There was wisdom in the old ways of teaching that we would do well to take heed of now – walking slowly, step by step rather than over stimulating our energy and over taxing our meridians and chakras – let alone our psyche. A long time a go my very first spiritual teacher – dear Pauline Costello – once said to me “Spirit makes time …” meaning that the spiritual world will provide us with exactly the right amount of time to do what we want and need to do if we only have faith then.

Worry not then – go as slow as you need to go and trust and know that sometimes limiting yourself is a good thing indeed!


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