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HEAL THE HOSPITALS a coronavirus covid 19 post

The scientists tell us we are approaching the peak in regards to the rates of infection and very probably the rates of death every day!

This will be a challenging time for many – those of us listening at home feeling helpless and powerless, those of us grieving the lost and those of us serving on the frontline. Out of all those who are going to be up against it – the hospital workers – plunged into the thick of what must seem like a never ending nightmare will undoubtedly face the worst.

This then is our chance to help them and all those who find themselves in hospital at the mercy of this infection.

  • Now is the time to heal the hospitals, to cleanse them of the fear and sadness and grief and pain – the doubt and pessimism and exhaustion and darkness! 
  • Now is the time to lift the vibration there, to fill the cleared spaces with light and positive energy, with harmony and peace and most importantly love.
  • Now is the time to protect these spaces from harm, to shield them from the energy of the virus, to block out and hold at bay all other other negative forces and entities that might be drawn – like attracting like – to the pain and suffering within, keeping these spaces as sacrosanct as we can.
  • Now is the time to send strength and power and energy and hope and love to the Doctors and Nurses, the Porters and Clinicians, the Surgeons and Physiotherapists, the administration staff and cleaners – to all that make the system work!

NOW IS THE TIME! However you do it, whenever you do it, using what ever method or system or technique from Spiritual Healing to Reiki to Crystal Grids and Prayer NOW IS THE TIME!

Focus on those hospitals close to home, those farther afield, on all of them – if the way in which you work allows you to – or simply one of them that you know and is dear to your heart. It matters not – only that we do it and that we do it now and that we keep it up until the peak eases and the imminent danger passes and is gone!

Experience has taught me that each hospital has a guardian – sometimes and angel – sometimes a spirit who has a past association with the place so try and link with these – it will make the work easier and allow the presence – who knows the situation far better than you do to take the power you are supplying and put it to good use. Sometimes it is the local deva who manages the space upon which the hospital sits who may be of help – also don’t forget the great healing presences – Raphael the great Archangel whose names means God Heals, Hilarion the Ascended Master Patron of healing and healers and the Great Celestial Physician – the healing presence of the mind of God! Remember too the Great Mother – nurturer and healer of all and the Golden Ray of Christ – the healing aspect of the Christ Force as well of course as the Violet Flame! Remember all those other guides and angels personal and universal who have in the past aligned themselves to the healing cause. Call upon them and let them add their power to and through your own to bring about this healing light.

Light workers … our world needs us … our country needs us and although we may never be recognised for the work we do, never thanked or acknowledged for the contribution we might make NOW IS THE TIME and everything else is irrelevant! It’s time to heal the hospitals and all those who find themselves inside. It’s time to play our part!

In love ever – so mote it be – amen.

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