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From death comes life …

This – the power of “The Green” has been known, venerated and utilised since the beginning of time – sometimes called Telluric Energy and sometimes called simply The Green Ray. It is the power of life held with the heart and core of the planet which causes sleeping plants to awaken from their winter hibernation and wounded plants to heal from seemingly impossible wounds. 

But it is also more than this – it is an allegory, an inspiration and example of both the cycle of life and death and also the immortality of the indomitable spirit of the Divine found in all things – including flowers, trees, plants and weeds and including mankind too! 

How many of us after all either seen others or experienced ourselves regrowing, resurrecting, rebirthing after tragedy and illness which at the time seemed more than could be born or recovered from! These miracles then must surely give us hope that not only can the planet potentially survive the awful destruction we have wrought upon it with our carelessness but also that we can too and that not matter the horror or pain we might experience in life there is always hope for healing and restoration.

Indeed as the Earth is all to keen to show us sometimes death is required in order for new life to spring forth!

Let us then all praise the power of Mother Nature and bend our thoughts to her aid that she might heal and be reborn, transcendent of our folly, resplendent in her resurrection and rebirth! Let us feed her with our power, strengthening her will, adding too our love that this might remind her that not all of us linger in the blind and deaf resistant attitude that “all will be well” or “we are not to blame”. Let us rather play our part – in whatever way we can – with thoughts and love and deeds to strengthen that which is already present – the eternal power of resurrection and regrowth!

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