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The Beauty Way …

We know that in order to strengthen the body it has to be fed with the right nutritious food and exercised appropriately and regularly … but what about the heart? what about the emotional body?

There is much talk now about both the desire and the need to develop the heart chakra so that mankind might move into a state of empathy, compassion and unconditional love – enabling them to transcend judgement – and move into a state of unity and oneness with both each other and the Divine.

In order to do this the emotional body and heart centre must be nurtured and exercised, given the ingredients that it needs to grow and given the opportunity to expand.

Ancient alchemical texts encourage us to see that in order to do this we need to feed the emotional self with beauty as well as love. To saturate ourselves in those things that we find awe inspiring, aesthetically pleasing and moving whether it be art, nature, music, theatre, people, poetry or space. When we indulge ourself with such exposure – when we allow ourself to explore those things in which we find beauty we awaken a love inside ourselves not just for other people but for the presence of the Divine found in the abstract – enabling us to see and feel that God – the Goddess is not fixed to one thing or form but rather found in all that which has been touched by the hand of man and woman kind.

Beauty has power you see – in all its weird and wonderful subjective way – whether it be a sequin be-sparkled drag queen, an old master oil painting, a piece of modern art – or modern music – or a hand knitted shawl! It all has the power to open the heart, to inspire the mind and to encourage people to reach out into the world and see the worth and merit of others no matter their class, creed, religion or colour!

Granted love too has a part to play and we should be encouraged to love what and who we feel we want and need to – once again irrespective of class, creed, culture or colour but beauty – too long relegated to the realms of luxury – must once again find its place with the realms of spiritual nurture and importance if mankind is truly to evolve and grow.

So … get yourself out into the world and acknowledge that which you find beautiful and take it to heart – for there it will set in motion the beginning of the awakening of the Divine within, the beginning of the process of unity consciousness and true ascension.

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