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Coming into Being …

This week the world heard about the success of the first possible vaccine for Covid19.

For some (myself included) this was cause for jubilation – for others concern. Vaccines are a contentious topic – particularly within the spiritual community – and the rapid development and approval of this one has caused more than a few eye brows to be raised.

Is it safe? Has it been properly tested? Is it really the answer to our prayers and the “miracle cure” that will set us on the road to relative normality?

Personally I have faith. Why? You might ask – well apart from being a “glass half full” kind of guy and someone who very much wants the world to return to normal I also believe in the power of the ingenuity of humanity under pressure.

There is a Rune called Naud (pronounced NEED) which is sometimes called Nauthiz – depending upon the Rune Set you are working with. It is sometimes described as the Rune of Limitation but in my definition of the Runes I call it – Coming Into Being.

The Rune speaks to us about “… that which manifests under stress and the constant restraint of time …” and how limitation is not always a bad thing but rather sometimes an energy that forces us to dig deep and be resourceful in ways that the luxury of time doesn’t enable us to be!

This Rune is connected to the Norns in Norse mythology – the Nordic Fates – Urd the Crone – the originator, Verdandi the Mother – the Goddess of becoming and Skuld the Maiden who is the Goddess of “…will be…” Through this Rune these Goddess enable manifestation to occur under pressure – reminding us that it is ONLY under pressure that Diamonds emerge from coal!

During this year many of us under the pressures of the lockdown have experienced just this – how under pressure we have managed to create, managed to endure, managed to manifest things that we never dreamed possible and that we very probably wouldn’t have been able to manifest outside of such constraints!

So … for those of you who dare to believe the wondrous possibilities of this good news I say – hold the faith. Humanity is an incredible creature and science an extension of spiritual truth and one of the powers of co creation with the Divine. Lets hope that what it believes it has discovered is true and that this time next year as a result of this vaccine and others we might be heading back to the old normal and re-embracing our much grieved for old ways of life! And that we will never have to experience such pressures again.

I choose to believe in the power of mankind … I hope you can too.

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