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Sunday the 8th of November 2020 is Remembrance Sunday a day traditionally during which the UK takes 2 minutes silence to remember the honoured dead of the two World Wars and all conflict.

These men and women were undoubtedly heroes who paid the price of their lives, happiness and well being in order to fight for their country and preserve freedom throughout the world and they absolutely deserve to be remembered and honoured for such.

At the moment too there is another breed of hero – the Key Worker – who is also risking their lives for the greater freedoms of the people of the world. Those postmen and women, teachers, super market workers and of course Nurses and Doctors who are braving the virus and in some instances fighting it directly on behalf of us all!

Now I know that there are some who don’t believe that the virus exists or maybe some who think that although it is real it has been hyped out of all proportion. I believe that the virus is real – knowing several people who have had it and because of this knowing too just how serious a disease it is and so for me those who would willingly brave infection for the greater good of others are heroes indeed!

During the first lockdown we stood and clapped for these people but now – as time moves on and peoples resilience and stamina dwindles – there is I think the risk that these heroes will become forgotten and this would be a tragedy. As light workers then we must endeavour to remember them now – when they need our positive thoughts the most and do all within our power to aid them. For as much as a second lockdown is exhausting for all of us it is surely more exhausting and more terrifying for them – particularly the Doctors and Nurses who at first hand have seen this horrible virus in action before.

Let us then remember them in our prayers and our absent healing books – let us send them light and love, let us clear the hospitals with the violet flame and open doorways to the other world so that the dead might find peace. Let us fortify the resilience and stamina of the Key Workers with the power of the Angels – calling upon the Angels of strength (Gaburathiel) and positivity (Itqual) to guard and guide them. Let us wrap our arms and wings of light around them and hold them close to the Cosmic Heart that they might know how much we value and love them for their work and remind them that they will never be forgotten or taken for granted again.

During the second lockdown lets make this part of our “new normal” and daily routine and play our part – safely from home – to help those valiant heroes who are desperately in need!

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