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I have always been drawn to Kyanite – not only is it incredibly beautiful – particularly when polished into a cabochon or faceted into the gemstone of a ring or pendant but it is also incredibly powerful and practically perfect for our times.

Kyanite has the ability to scan through the aura looking for breakages, lesions and holes so that it might heal them!

It also fortifies our energy field, shoring up our weak and stress points and adding power and strength when the aura becomes drained and tired. 

It does all of this in the background – not needing to be programmed or dedicated – its default setting being to simply heal and therefore it can be worn for its beauty in the certain knowledge that it will always be silently working away to ensure our safety, wellbeing and health!

This can impact greatly upon our well being, healing us from unhealthy expose to both electromagnetic smog and radio wave frequencies as well as radioactive forces – such as those we might experience from our computer, mobile phone and of course chemo and radiotherapy.

At the moment – when so many of us are spending more and more time at home – in front of the TV or computer, zooming and on the phone our aura is under more pressure and strain and so wearing or having something near by that will watch out for it is PERFECT!

When our aura and subtle bodies are strong and aligned we are in more of a state of balance and self control. More protected from infection and psychic invasion, more holistically balanced, energised and well – once again ESSENTIAL for our current situation.

When placed in our environment it works not only in the same way – scanning out into the ether in order to find people in its location to heal BUT also works on the ether itself. Strengthening the ambient dimensional energy, mending the damaged fabric of space and time and healing places harmed by electromagnetic smog, radio wave frequencies and of course the dreaded 5G!

If this then “chimes with you” have a peep at The Crystal Buddha …

… a wonderful shop run by the ever lovely Annie whose has the most AMAZING stock of crystals – including those of the kyanite pictured above – at the most reasonable prices! The shop can also be found on Facebook and Instagram too.

In these trying times let us remember the amazing tools at our disposal and turn to them for help along the way!

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