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Ahead of the second UK lockdown on Thursday I dashed into town to carry out a few errands and get a pre lockdown haircut. The mood was grim – people dashed hither and yon, masks on, head down with armfuls of shopping and Christmas paper.

Those shop windows – already dressed for Christmas seemed like a tragic and doomed prophecy of days that no longer lay ahead. Tempers were fraying and the people seemed brittle and crestfallen.

Such psychic atmospheres – combined with the darkening days and the rapidly cooling temperatures can be a strain for the sensitive and the empathic. All of this on top of a world full of jeopardy and madness sometimes feeling simply too much. Company – which can usually bring relief to many – a little positive biofeedback from a hug or touch is wanting at the moment and the thought of journeying back into those long empty days daunting – so what to do – as the Maharishi used to say?

Well – for one thing we have all been here before and rather than letting that fill us with gloom we need to turn it on its head and use it to power through! The last lockdown was WAY longer than this one is going to be (fingers crossed) and we all made it through that one pretty much intact! Armed with this knowledge we need now to remember what worked for us then and what didn’t – what we struggled with and what helped us through. If we learn from the lessons of the past we might not only be able to class this lockdown much easier than before but also excel at it – learning from the lessons so that we don’t – hopefully – have to repeat them again!

Of course we need to focus on our own mental health and this might mean limiting our exposure to the media as well as to facebook feeds filled with doom and gloom and conspiracy theories – that can all contribute to restless nights! We must remember to reach out when we are in need – to our friends and family AND to spirit – to create healthy routines for ourselves that will help us through. Meditations, walks out into the countryside – if you are lucky enough to live near by – if not then just into the light and air.

We must lean back into what we know – salt baths help with cleansing the energy body from accumulated negativity, ground when you are feeling airy and blurred, music can offer powerful relief from anxiety and stress – one way of the other and laughter can help to raise spirits, vibration and energy as can sometimes dancing and crying!

Remember the Angels that can help (see my previous posts) and energies like the Violet Flame – don’t forget to “unplug” from the Collective Unconscious by shielding the Occipital Lobe chakra (see previous post) and try and find something constructive to do to fill your time – bearing in mind that the exercise is NOT to create something beautiful or sellable but just to have some fun!

And finally remember too that sometimes – rather than running away from the darkness the best way to overcome it is to meet it head on! In alchemy there is a phase of transformation called Nigredo – it is the Alchemist “dark night of the soul” when shadows arise in the material being transformed consuming it in darkness. These shadows are impurities that need to rise to the surface to be cleared and rather than ignore them the Alchemist is encouraged to embrace them and draw them further into the light so that they might be seen and cleared.

During such times of pressure then these dark moments can become converted into diamond moments – periods of realisation and clarity that can guide us to make powerful and positive changes in our life. This certainly happened for me last time around – maybe this time its your turn.

Either way be brave – be strong and be assured … you’ve got this and before you know it we will be through the tunnel and out the other end and steaming towards Christmas and all the delights that the season brings!

I will be continuing with my blogs and daily positive posts on Facebook and hope to be adding an free extra little something on a weekly basis soon – so keep your eyes peeled on my socials for that. For the time being then good luck – stay safe and bright blessed be! 

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