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Khutumi – Patron of the New Year …

From the 1st of November 2020 our planet will have a new Ascended Master Patron whose energies will become ever more grounded and fixed upon the planet as we move towards the new calendar year of 2021.

For – as we move through the gateway of Samhain – Halloween – we move into the energy of the new year long before we reach its calendar counterpart AND as mankind focuses their attentions upon the “new year” and all it might represent, mean and promise THIER consciousness anchors further the inevitability of the change.

2021 is then a 5 year (2+0+2+1=5) and although the energy of the Maha Chohan – the Holy Spirit – still lingers it is Khutumi – sometimes better known by his past life as St Francis of Asisi – who steps forwards to take charge. 

As such 2021 is THE YEAR OF FAITH – a year in which we are being asked and guided to renew and strengthen our faith not only in the Divine and the Divine Plan but also – and maybe more importantly – in ourselves!

Faith has the power – we know – to manifest miracles … in fact it is an ESSENTIAL ingredient and therefore it is not beyond reason to assume that not only might our world need a miracle in 2021 but also that we – the light workers of the world – will be called to play our part in manifesting one!

Also as it has always been Khutumi’s mission to encourage man to move into deeper states of “unity consciousness” with the planet and its children (animal, vegetable and mineral) we might do well to assume that another leading theme and topic for 2021 is alignment, unification and resonance with the world around us. Khutumi encouraging us to recognise the divine presence within the world and its various manifestations and use our own divinity to make a connection through “commonality”. Enabling us to trust in the world and its children again and the truth that – as they are parts of the Divine – they will not harm us but rather support us in our endeavours to serve the greater plan and picture!

To help you align with Khutumi then I would encourage you to research him – there is quite a lot on the internet due to his popular nature as an Ascended Master PLUS the fact that he was the Master who patronised and guided Helena Blavatsky! As well as this there are numerous images of him – see above – that can be used to make connection alongside the invocation of his ray – the 5th Ray – the Butter Yellow Ray of Unity, Interconnectedness, Faith and the Tapestry of Life – that binds us all together as one.

To this end the Flower of Life might be used to connect and align to both his energy and his mission.

As for crystals … well I would usually point you towards Butter Yellow Jade but recently – when pondering this very question I was instead drawn to Yellow Kunzite – also known as Triphane – a stone which carries the properties of fixing things! It is also a crystal often turned to for healing negativity and healing the trauma of the past – which sounds perfect for where we are at this moment in time!

Needless to say more information will come forwards from this Master in time – I plan to do a workshop with him on January the 24th 2021 – but for now maybe this is enough to help us prepare the way for his greater coming. Let us hope then together that in accordance with the Divine Will and our help this Master can exert the forces needed to not only see us through the months and year that follow but also to turn the tide of darkness into one of blessing, love and light!


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