Ascended Master, Spiritual


Francis of Asisi (the Ascended Master Khutumi) believed that God – the Divine – could be found in all things natural.

In the tree’s and flowers and herbs and stones … in animals that roamed the Earth and flew in the sky … in nature both wild and tame, glorious and destructive.

And he believed that if you trusted God – the Divine – and had faith in his/her plan then God would return your faith by both providing for you and keeping you safe and well!

Because of this St Francis lived frugally in the forest, forgoing his families riches, forgoing his care for status and home. Worshipping not in a church but at the alter of nature itself – as Adam and Eve might have done in the Garden of Eden. Trusting that God would provide him with food and shelter so long as he did his part and in faith served his God according to his calling.  

St Francis tended the sick without growing ill and drew followers to himself without preaching … he underwent countless inquisition at the hands of the heavies of the Pope who believed his way of life to be potentially damaging to the – very wealthy Church – even though St Francis never decried or judged another way to God. And St Francis endured, flourished even and left behind many a legacy that has survived two this day.

So what can we learn today from the example of St Francis and his way?

There is a much used phrase – let go and let God. It is a phrase of faith that encourages us to let go of those things we cannot change or even understand and place them in the hands of the Divine – trusting that the Divine has a plan, that the Divine will “sort it out” that the Divine will – maybe through us or another – bring resolution to those things beyond our reach or understanding.

It is not an excuse to forgo any responsibility for our life, to become inactive and passive but rather a possible solution for when we reach the end of the road in regards to what we might do or know. for there will always be those things, those mysteries unfathomable to the human mind which can only be solved by the great creator.

In times then of despair and darkness, fear and grief, sadness and pain reach out and know that you are not alone but rather surrounded, held, comforted and loved by the presence of the divine that might be found in all natural living things and let go of that which you carry. The burden and the anxiety, the anger and the pain … let go and let God and have faith that in time … all will be well!


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