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‘Tis the season and Christmas is just around the corner – peoples thoughts turn not only to Christmas Trees and presents but also the story of the Nativity and the heavenly messengers that form part of its telling – the Angels.

The collective consciousness of mankind, focusing on such beings, call them closer – creating a global shift in frequency and vibration that enables them – more than at any other time in the year – to align and connect with us and make themselves known.

This year – maybe more than any other – what with the global climate crisis, We – the people of Earth – are in need of a little miracle, a little “Divine intervention”. Reach out then now to the Angels on high and partition them for their intercession, asking that they do what can be done, what may be done to guide and steer the people of the world at this moment in time to make the right decisions that will help the Earth heal and endure.

Ask this for the greater good of all and to harm none, in accordance with the Divine Will and the will of your Higher Self and then settle back and allow the Angels to work through you.

They might guide and steer you to act, to speak out, to inspire others through your words or actions or they may work through your energy system to work directly upon the world, healing your local area, cleansing the ambient space, being used as a bridge through which the Angels might work directly upon the world.

Angels are powerful beings, their knowledge vast, their reach great and their ways both mysterious and subtle. They can reveal hidden truths and illuminate hidden solutions – guiding us towards hope and change through religion and science and politics and through the spiritual energies of the light workers of the world.

Have trust then and have faith and place yourself in the presence of the Angels and together let us contribute to the manifestation of a new Christmas miracle – one that will in time ensure many, many more Christmases to come!

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