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The things that we do …

From our internal and sometimes complacent inner world its easy to sometimes underestimate the things that we do because we do them all the time. We teach and are kind, smile and heal and help, comfort and cajole and share space and time and don’t give a moments thought to how this might impact upon those around us.

But sometimes the simplest thing, the tiniest of graces, the mildest of kindnesses and the most basic of wisdoms can mean the world to someone who needs what we might offer – off handedly – at that moment in time.

Similarly when we are short with people, when we are angry, when we are grumpy and impatient, rude and discourteous these mild irritations – however seemingly meekly expressed – can caused great distress if the individual caught in our backlash is vulnerable, super sensitive or already nursing an invisible wound that makes them open, raw and weak.

We must then be conscious of our actions and the good and bad that they can do, the wonder and the evil they can wrought and the empowerment and nourishment and harm and sadness they can bring. For when we become conscious of our power we can choose more consciously to use it and actively transform simple common or place gestures into things of great power and great healing. Sharing our light, spreading our power simply throughout the world, creating a wave of positive infection that will inspire and awaken others to their power too.

Remember – you are greater than you might imagine yourself to be – your power born of the Divine, a light of infinite shining grace that comes directly from the Gods themselves.

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