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The Rainbow

I am working away from home this weekend and travelled down – from Northumberland to Surrey – by train.

It was a gray and rainy day and some of the landscape is quite industrial and bleak so I got my head down and tapped away with work on the IPad.

Taking a breather between orders I looked up to see the most incredible rainbow, its colours stark and vivid against the gray sky and reaching for my phone took a quick snap – the result being the picture above.

Rainbows are powerful spiritual symbols representing a variety of different things from the rainbow bridge that connects the nine realms of the ancient Norse Gods together, to a symbol for the Goddess Isis, to a symbol for the people of the Whirling Rainbow – the Rainbow Nation – the reincarnated people of Native America said to return to save the world.

For me however it always makes me think of colour healing and how we are advised to call upon the rainbow when we are experiencing grief and also when we are exhausted, sad and depressed. The multi coloured light of the rainbow helping us to find from it the right colour that we need to lift our spirits, heal our sadness, allow us to feel less lonely and disconnected and find the energy and power that we need to soar above our exhaustion and tiredness its accompanying depression.

There seems then no perfect time than now then for us to call upon the rainbows energy and light, when we are all so tired with the trials and tribulations of the year and all so gloomy with the prospects of the world. Call then this light into your imagination and visualise it wrapping around itself around you. The rainbow forming a cocoon of energy and light and the right colours flowing – absorbed – into mind, heart, body and spirit.

If it helps call upon the Goddess of the rainbow – Iris – or One of the Archangels of the Rainbow Melchizedek, Lucia or irisael. Or – using crystals and prisms – allow real rainbow light to flow and fall upon your body.

Either way never underestimate the power of colour and light and its ability to change and transform our mind, heart, body and spirit. 

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