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The Crystal Brain

For the last of my post for the meantime on Crystal Skulls I want to talk about something they are especially good at – healing the brain!

Crystal Skulls contain a great deal of information about the human holistic system – heart, mind, spirit and form! Part of the latter of course being the physical brain and those elements of the energy system – such as the meridians and chakras – that intersect it.

Because Crystal Skulls are skull, shaped they also lend themselves wonderfully to be used as surrogates (or object links) in absent healing for the skull of the client, enabling the healer to send energy into the head of the client decisively or intuitively – with the aid of the skull consciousness – in order to effect the brain and its connected functions directly.

As a result of this the skulls can be used to help with brain disorders of a physiological nature, hormonal irregularities, eye sight and hearing, metabolic rates and bio electrical/nervous systems as well as mental health disorders!

*Note here I say “help with” and not cure as I am a BIG supporter of complimentary therapies being just that – complementary in con junction with orthodox treatment.

In order to do this then sit with your skull – no matter the size – facing away from you and enter into a meditative state, now focus on your absent client or indeed the client before you and intuitively allow the Crystal Skull to guide your hand and/or energy towards those sections on its head – now representative of the client – as top where the healing or touch is required. Allowing the Crystal Skull to direct the energy directly into the clients head, skull and brain – correcting any mistakers that you might make along the way.

Should you receive any feedback from the skull then pass it on with caution being careful not to fall into the trap of diagnosis – however tempting that might be.

I have used this technique for myself and others who have struggled with conditions ranging from depression to dementia and everything in-between with varying degrees of success but I would absolutely recommend it as some well worth giving a go!

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