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Like a child in a sweetie shop!

When choosing a Crystal Skull the first element that determines the acquisition is price! If you are fortunate enough to have a limitless budget then the world is your oyster and you can go for huge, a really expensive mineral or even a skull created by a “designer carver” … and yes … these do exist! But most of us have to limit what we get depending on how much cash we can afford to spare.

However – in the world of the Crystal Skull size is not everything and a small skull – even an iddy biddy tiddler can do the trick – depending what the trick is you are wanting to perform!

If you are wanting to access the Crystal Skull consciousness then personally I believe size doesn’t matter – granted a good quality crystal might lend a hand if your ability to receive is a little rough around the edges BUT if you are a half decent mental medium or channel then pretty much any old skull will do!

If you are wanting something that is going to bring forwards high quality communication on a regular basis for you to share – something that is going to be in the public eye, something maybe that other might use too – say in a workshop situation – then you might want something more middle of the road. A little bigger maybe, a little better quality stone. Something in other words a little more robust – vibrationally speaking.

If you want something that is going to help heal the world or influence absent energy in space then or work with large groups of people and possibly be handled by many then a larger skull is what you need to save for. However if you are looking for skulls to help heal people – and more on this in later blog posts – then I think sometimes the smaller the better!

Small skulls are great for resting on the body, over the chakras, held in the hands – whoppers are just too heavy to be comfortable and too big to hold so here the diminutive rule. Portable, applicable and easy to hold they are the perfect Crystal Skull companion.

The choice of mineral is also key because although the consciousness working through the skull doesn’t belong to it – it will use the energy of the mineral to do what it desires to do! Amethyst, Lapis, Blue Calcite and Blue chalcedony skulls therefore are more likely to harbour presences that want to communicate or strengthen communication skills whereas quartz skulls, celestial, blue laced agate and ammonite skulls might be more interested in healing and releasing negative energies. The nature of the mineral determining the nature of the activity driven by the presence in the skulls body.

Of course ultimately you must make your choice intuitively allowing the skull to reach out to you – to choose you effectively – rather than buying a skull academically BUT it is important to use this understanding to determine why a certain skull has come to you and in which way it might want to work.

Needless to say there are always exceptions to the rule and in the spiritual world – at the end of the day – anything is possible!

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