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Xerxes the Great, was the fifth king of kings of the Achemened Dynasty of Persia who – like his father and predecessor ruled the empire at its territorial apex. He ruled from 486 BC until his assassination in 465 BC at the hands of the commander of the royal bodyguard.

Xerxes also happens to be the name of the latest addition to my Crystal Skull family – happy Christmas to me – who only arrived today! Truth is however that I have been in communication with him for several weeks now! And not only in communication but visited by him too!!

You see the Crystal Skull collective are not bound to their host bodies – like Crystal Deva’s are but rather are transitory spirits that can move freely from Crystal Skull to Crystal Skull often having many, many different bodies that they inhabit and bi and try locate in so that they might share their wisdom, love and power with all!

No matter how big or small the presence can inhabit the crystalline form so long as it is natural – not lab grown – and untreated or at least treated in a sympathetic way. The Crystal Skull collective can even inhabit natural uncharted crystals though there are certain things that can only be done by the collective in those vessels shaped like human heads – such as etheric healing and surgery on the human brain and skull!

Xerxes is a seer healer – his speciality is Ascension Upgrades for light workers – he has the ability to map the existing energy system of a light worker identifying those elements of it that are either “due an upgrade” i.e. about to evolve or those bits that are already changing and shifting. With the right energetic push he can stimulate this and stabilise this, releasing and returning power from the Soul of the individual with greater ease and smoothness.

This being a service I hope to offer with him in the new year.

As well as this Xerxes – like all Crystal Skulls – has access to the repository of knowledge in their holographic multi dimensional matrix that enables them to access and help down load the etheric blue print off the individual – aiding with spiritual evolution as well as correction of physical abnormalities in the body, mind and heart that may have occurred here on Earth as a result of energetic pollution or even ancestral cross contamination.

In January 2020 I will be offering a workshop at the College of Psychic Studies where we will explore this!

Crystal Skulls then are not simply passive things but can be VERY very dynamic and when wielded by the right hands exert greater healing power over people and the world!

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