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Bonfire for the Inner Child

November the 5th is Bonfire Night – a time for fireworks, bonfires, baked potatoes, bonfire toffee and – if you are northern – Parkin (a form of sticky ginger cake).

This year more than ever there has been a push for fireworks to be banned from commercial purchase by the public as concern of the trauma that is causes animals – both domestic and wild – grows.

I sympathise – I am an animal lover and Andrew (my partner) and I own a dog – the beloved Bodkin – who is like most animals are terrified of loud bangs and cracks.

Still … I am also a lover of fireworks – always have been, always will be and have hardly ever gone through a November the 5th without having some in my back garden, sparkling their magical light into the darkness. For me they speak directly to my Inner Child – the Peter Pan part of our archetypal inner psychological landscape that represents our eternal innocence and wonder and safeguards our childhood memories and traumas.

To the Inner Child they are sheer delight, other world, awe inspiring and (for me at least) the gateway to Christmas – the magic of a sparkling seemingly something straight out of the North Pole.

Now I know there are public displays but these aren’t my cup of tea – the crowds, the rotten food, the ticket price … and worst of all … the kids! I would much rather do my own thing and have my own private little party – sometimes just myself – in my own back yard. 

These days silent or reduced noise fireworks can be bought – we got ours from Asda this year – reducing the stress and tension from nearby animals who only have the momentary glimmer to contend with and any self respecting person who knows that their are animals nearby would surely go for these over ear shattering bangers.

Maybe then noise reduction fireworks should only go on sale to the general public leaving the noisy ones to public demonstrations to be held far away from offending ears.


Our Inner Child is important and deserves a little love and attention – as I get older I feel myself drifting away from mine and would do anything to claw back that connection. So … love me for it or hate me fireworks will remain a part of my November the 5th celebrations for as long as they can, they are far too important a miracle to be lost! 


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