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If there is one thing the pandemic has taught us all it’s to be more grateful for those things in our life that we have – hitherto – taken for granted!

Gratitude is such a powerful thing – when we practice it the process enables us to see more clearly the blessings that exist within our life. My Mother – may the gods bless her – was one for this. She would forever remind we children of how grateful we should be for our health, for our well being, for our loving family reminding us of those far less fortunate than ourselves. She would also affirm every morning upon waking how grateful she was for one more day of life – despite her personal challenges and struggles – a practice that is imprinted upon my brain and heart.

For many of us as the pandemic struck and lockdown went into place we were suddenly faced with seeing just what we had taken for granted that we might now be thankful for. Previous inconveniences became sorely missed luxuries altering and shifting the perspective and nature of our consciousness – hopefully forever. Now faced potentially with another lockdown – or at least new restrictions – we must be thankful again for the things we still have – that many others throughout the world have never had and never will!

Shemael – is the angel of gratitude and can be called upon to help us to be grateful for the blessings in our life – however small or large.

Helping us to perpetuate abundance and of course share our blessings with others – therefore Shemaels power is also an important component in the law of attraction and the process of manifestation.

Shemael also helps us to see the presence of the Divine in the small things – in the details, whether that be the blossoming of a flower or the laughter of a child. The freedom to see friends and family and to go where we want when we want as well as encouraging us to be thankful for the greater blessings, the miracles and wonders of existence.

Gratitude has the ability to transform our lives from dark and dull and painfully unending to full and joyful cycles and opportunities of wonder and peace.

Rutilated Quartz and Lepidolite are this Angels stones, sparkling colours and pale pinks her hue – call to her then now and draw her close and near and make her invocation and all that follows it a regular and treasured part of your day!

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