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The Lockdown Ninja

Well … Bojo has said the dreaded words … “second wave” and now that genie is out of the bag there is no denying that the elevation in cases of Covid 19 infection throughout the UK are not looking good! And although the government has made it very clear that another national lockdown is not what they want to do, the possibility of such is being mooted and one way or another – whether it be nationally or locally – restrictions at some point in the future are inevitable I feel.

Here in Northumberland we are already feeling the pinch with restrictions now in place in regards to meeting with other households, public transport, opening times of pubs and clubs and no counter service is restaurants and bars! Who knows what might be lurking around the corner but now might be the time to book yourself in for a hair cut – if I were you – just in case!

But what else might we need to do in order to prepare ourselves for what might lay ahead – knowing now what we have endured in the months since passed?

Well … now is the time for us all to become Lockdown Ninja’s and to employ stealth, discipline and training in order to endure!

The Ninja – and yes they were and are very real people – are in truth very spiritual beings who believe that their “order” was founded by a strange black bird like being who very possibly could have been the Archangel Azrael in disguise! Their system of martial arts is highly mystical and strongly connected to esoteric Buddhism – within it there is a practice called Kuji Kiri or Kuji In which is a set of mudras that can be used for channelling and directing energy for various purposes from concentration and defence to manipulating time!

Now I’m not literally suggesting that we all practice the Ninja arts in order to get by – in fact I’m using the Ninja as an allegory because of their stealthy invisible nature and their enduring strength and power. Because this is what we need now in order to survive – to become invisible to the fear and negative energy that is brewing so that we don’t succumb to it – as we may have before, finding ourselves entangled in the projections of other people. And also to build our strength and endurance, our power and life force energy that we might fortify our physical and psychical defences and remain healthy, positive and well as summer turns into autumn and autumn to winter and the light fades to darkness and the cold replaces heat and warmth.

Remaining invisible is easy – with a little help from the Archangel Ratziel and keeping ourselves disentangled to – with help from the Archangel Cassiel and maintaining our energy and positivity doable also with the Archangel Gaburathiel and Itquals help (see previous posts) but managing the seasonal shift – on top of everything else – is added strain.

Now then is the time to up your Vitamin D doses, take a course of Echinacea and Kava Kava or St john’s Wort  (though you may want to check with your GP first) as well as ensuring that you have some sun charged Citrine and Crazy Laced agate (sunshine stones) to hand to help you through the dark times yet to come. Add to this a day light simulation bulb or lamp (available in a variety of different shapes and sizes from amazon) and you are well on your way.

You may also want to make the most of the light that remains, drinking it into your body and being – as well as looking back at the months passed and drawing conclusions from them as to what you might need to do better in order to cope with what lies before you.

By learning our lessons and taking new precautions we can avoid the mistakes of the past and – stealthy like a Ninja – slip past the projections and infections and remain safe and sane no matter what might lay ahead BUT now is the time to prepare – for one thing is certain no matter how the future lies – the months ahead will be nothing like those we have experienced before and at least for a little time longer the “new normal” is here to stay!

Stay safe then – be a Lockdown Ninja – and master the art of social distance!

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