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Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean you Should!

In these unprecedented times we are faced with ever increasingly more important decisions and choices. Personal challenges regarding our behaviour and our actions which could impact greatly upon those around us – those close to us as well as those we will never know!

Challenges in regards to our actions – difficult because of the way in which they effect our work and wage packet as well as challenges that effect the way in which we are viewed by those others who don’t see the world in the same way that we do.

Sacrifices may need to be made in order to preserve life – things are so severe.

Friends may be lost – one way or the other and our income savagely effected not only because of Covid19 restrictions but because of restrictions that we might impose upon ourself in order to keep our selves well and Covid free for our own sake and others.

These are difficult and challenging times.

Yet … this challenge is one that we have faced – in many different ways – many times before. Opportunities presented to us that we may have felt obliged to take but knew deep down inside weren’t right for us! I am sure many of you – like me – have sometimes triumphed and made the right decisions and sometimes – like me – caved in and made a choice that brought us more money or bigger opportunities only to realise in retrospect that it was absolutely the wrong thing to do!

I am sure that many of you – like me – have done something because you felt pressured and cornered and expected to by others to – even though every fibre of your being screamed in protest at the mistake that you were about to make!

Now then – more than ever – we must LISTEN to our inner knowing and TRUST in our higher power and BELIEVE that by doing the right thing – by following RIGHT ACTION we will set in motion streams of universal occurrence that will see us right!

We must believe that when we follow our path, do what is asked of us, do what is good for ALL concerned and not just the self, that the universe will reward us and keep us safe.

And that as well as “helping ourselves”, doing what we can to make things right, to keep our head above water –  we must also trust that the Divine will care for us in such a way too.

God helping those who help themselves!

Now then is the time to be inventive, creative, to think outside of the box – to dive into the new realms of technology, to chance our arm at doing some new things which might never have imagined before. Leaving behind the old in favour of something new – frightening and uncertain as it maybe.

It is all too tempting at the moment to chance it … to do the job (even though you know you might be putting people at risk) to take the money – even though you know that maybe you shouldn’t – that it goes against your ethics and your morals – to attend the gathering because you are expected too, because people want to see you, because the opportunity is there – even though you know you are putting yourself and others in direct danger! 

At the moment the challenge is great … as the risk is high!

So … I (and spirit) say … hold your courage, trust the Divine, listen to your intuition and know that all will be well!

You know in your heart of hearts what is the right thing to do … trust then … listen and find within the courage to do the right thing because … just because you can doesn’t mean that you should!

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