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Humanity is a species that is VERY heavily invested in its own opinions!

And during times such as these – moments of crisis one might say – we become ever more so convinced of those truths that we have decided to accept and follow. 

Of course we look to others to confirm and affirm our world view – especially those whose opinions we value and trust and as a result of this we project upon them our own thoughts and feelings – unconsciously converting their words into versions of what we believe to be so.

In effect we stop HEARING the person and simply start listening to them!

I have started to notice – within my own world – that this in on the rise. I will say something to a friend or client only for it to be MASSIVELY misinterpreted and this I think is worrying! Here’s an example …

I believe that the virus exists … I have acquaintances who have contracted the virus and been very – VERY – ill because of it … one on deaths door in fact. As a result of this I wear a mask when I am out and about and advocate the wearing of such. If it helps to prevent both the spread of the virus (as well as me catching it) then I am all in – even if it only helps a little bit … “… every little bit counts …” thats what my dear old Mum used to say. 

Now don’t get me wrong – I’m no fan of wearing a mask – it’s uncomfortable, it makes me feel breathless, I hate the way it looks – I hate the fact that people can’t see me smiling and I can’t see them smile either, it makes communication tricky and on long train journeys its a nightmare BUT I will do it because I CHOOSE to trust in the science on this one – because to me the science – in regards to masks – makes sense!

Now recently I was talking about a new mask I had bought which covered the entire bottom half of my face – think highway mans mask – rather than sitting on top of my beard which looks and feels weird. I mentioned that I was no fan of face coverings BUT that I saw their validity and therefore advocated them. I was – I think – VERY clear on that – however as soon as I had stopped speaking someone “agreed” with me that face coverings were stupid and had no effect and were a way of the government controlling society and that they – like me (their words) – didn’t believe that we should be wearing them! Others – agreeing – joined in! 

To say I was a bit bamboozled was an understatement and I did try and put the people right in regards to what I had said. Since then I have noticed this behaviour again and again – not only with the spoken word and not only in regards to face coverings but in regards to other things too that I have written! People NOT HEARING what I am saying – only listening and projecting onto it an affirmation of what they wanted to hear!

Not only is this worrying for me – as a spiritual teacher in the public eye – it is VERY important that my messages are heard clearly and not misinterpreted in any way but I think its also very important too for all of us – particularly right now!

Not only must we make pains to communicate our truth clearly BUT we must also endeavour to truly hear what the people around us are saying – striving to HEAR and not just listen!

Here then the Throat chakra and the Mental body is key – for this is what we use to truly hear with! When this centre and this body becomes de-energised – as they have of late because of all the mental strain we have been under – we can find ourselves exhausted and incapable of processing properly audible and mental stimulus and falling back upon our own  version of reality and truth. 

Also when the Emotional Body is similarly compromised we can allow our fears to get the better of us and colour the nature of our reality by prompting us to clutch at straws in seeking confirmation for our fragile world view rather than truly feeling and knowing what others feel in their hearts and souls.

Part of the solution then – as well as trying harder to hear – is to energise these centres – the Throat and Heart – and their accompanying subtle bodies with Prana, crystals, healing … by calling upon your guides and your angels – what ever it takes – in order to ensure that you aren’t suffering from the effects of these potentials deficits in this way!

Strive then my friends to HEAR each other now – it is VERY important – even if what you register isn’t what you want to at this moment in time – truth is best and it will always serve you well.


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