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No matter what anyone might say – the struggle is real!

What struggle – you might ask?

Any struggle – is my reply!

As individuals we all have our own unique pain thresholds – our own unique pressure points – our own unique breaking points! What for one person might be a “walk in the park” for another is “a bridge too far” and the very thing that pushes them beyond the edge.

At the moment in our society judgement is rife and it is all too easy to point the finger and proclaim someone a “snowflake” or “too woke” simply because they proclaim themselves to be offended or hurt by something some says or something someone does. However in the spiritual community we are encouraged not to judge – how can we – Spirit say – when we have not lived the life or walked the path of another? How can we even begin to assume we know what another persons true emotions are??

What is clear is that for each and every individual the struggle is real! From their perspective, from within their heart and mind and spirit – from within their universe their problems, their challenges, their trials and tribulations are real! Irrespective of how you might react to them from your vantage point, irrespective of how you might see their problems from your world view AND therefore these people deserve our respect, our benefit of the doubt, our compassion, our empathy, our assistance and our love!

It’s all too easy to tut – to suck our teeth and roll our eyes and compare their problems with our own! Problems that we might consider to be FAR worse than theirs – problems which we are coping just fine with – thank you very much! BUT that person is not us! We are not them!! We CANNOT compare how they might be feeling or coping with how we are  – we are not the same and it just doesn’t work that way!

At the moment tempers are frayed and tolerance low – we all have our crosses to bare and for some its already almost more than they can handle. Asking them to be sympathetic to another is asking too much, asking ourselves to care, to empathise, to sympathise may simply be beyond what we can offer at the moment! If this is the case then pass on by – remove yourself from other peoples orbit, unfollow them for a while on social media – give yourself some space. Don’t try and do something which is beyond you at the moment – rather focus on what you need to do to cope.

Trying now to be sympathetic when your energy is low will only lead to fall outs and arguments, finger pointing and judgement – things that can be avoided if you just taker a step back. If you can – say a prayer for them – but other than that deal with what you need to at this time.

I know it sometimes feels like it helps to “blow off steam” to have a go at someone who is – in your eyes – being silly … winging and moaning for no reason. Sometimes it feels good to give them a “dose of reality” and to tell them to man (or woman) up and grow some balls BUT the offence that can be caused can be IRREPARABLE and in the long run you may come to seriously regret doing something that brought you a little fix of relief but ultimately lost you a friend!

Take a breath then – try to be empathetic – try to exercise compassion and non judgement and unconditional love BUT if you can’t then move on by – because the struggle – all struggle – EVERYONES struggle IS REAL and now is not the time to be lording your well being over others – now is the time instead for love!

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