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Welcome to the blog of Edwin Courtenay – the Cunning Man

Here you will find information about Edwin and the nature of his work and world view, his spiritual observations, beliefs and the guidance he receives from spirit.

You will find details of his visionary art work, exerts from his published books and oracle cards and links to his websites – the www.edwincourtenay.co.uk and www.spiritlightgallery.co.uk where you can see further examples of his art work and the various consultations and workshops he offers.

Edwin’s view and opinions are presented here for you to contemplate and meditate on in the hope that you might resonate with some, find others confirmatory of what you have always felt and be illuminated and educated by others.

Edwin has always been keen to encourage people to be discerning in regards to spiritual wisdom and hopes that you will be in regards to his truth too. If it doesn’t resonate then let it go, pass on by but keep reading as there may be something up and coming which is just for you. Edwin in no way presents himself as infallible, in fact he is quick to point out that he often makes mistakes and – like you – is always learning.

His guidance from spirit is shared in love and in the hope that you will find comfort and truth within it that will serve you on your spiritual path and Maybe share with others (something Edwin always encourages) and above all help you to find the courage and wisdom to keep on keeping on despite the challenges of modern life.

We hope you enjoy your time here on Edwin’s blog and that we will hear from you or see you soon, in the meantime as the Cunning Folk say… merry meet, merry part and merry meet again!

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