The Sensual Angel

The Archangel Uriel Angel of the Green – copyright Edwin Courtenay

Angels are beings of love, created by the Divine to watch, guard and care for the Universe and all those beings that reside within it. As a result of this – Spirit say – Angels are 95% love energy and as such their presence evokes a loving response in mankind.

Love is undoubtedly connected to our senses – to sensuality and through sensuality sexuality too. Whenever we think of something or someone that we love we almost immediately experience a sensual connection and experience, whether it be a flash of the persons perfume or an inner auditory memory of the sound of their laugh. When we think of sunsets, or chocolate, or our garden or flowers or beloved pets our heart flutters, our stomach knots and our emotional memory goes into over drive drawing to the fore of our consciousness sensations related and connected to those places, peoples and things we are emotionally aligned, connected and in love with.

As an Angel approaches then we are showered in the loving energy of the Divine, it is what the Angel consists of, what they radiates and what they saturate us in – no matter what the Angel is Angel of! Above and beyond everything else they are beings of love and part of that love is love for man and woman kind as it is the reflective love of their creator the Divine, the presence that they themselves are an extension of.

As this presence then draws near and this love washes over us – due to our nature and our programming – we will have an emotional response. Associations made in regards to the Angels power and vibration are interpreted by our heart and brain and we experience similar sensations to those that we feel with those things that are of the same origin. Gardeners, hikers and nature lovers will probably have powerful reactions to the Archangel Uriel and Aeriel – the Angels of Earth and Nature – as they would when out in the green, weeding, dead heading, walking or admiring the beautiful landscape. Lovers of words, music, drama or dance might have strong reactions to the Archangel Raphael, the Angel of expression and creativity, feeling the same passion, excitement and nervous tingle that they do when performing or watching or listening to an artist perform.

And so it goes on … each person “resonating” with those Angels that they have a connection and affinity to in the same or similar way that they might to the very thing itself!

Some of course may feel a sexual or sensually erotic response to certain Angel energies, the Archangel Michael – for example – is the Angel of passion, sensuality and sex as the Archangel Rhamiel is the Angel of compassion, empathy and love. It is not uncommon therefore – and certainly not wrong – for some people to experience a sexual thrill when connecting with these Angels and their like as such feelings are associated with such energies. I have on more than one occasion seen people return from meditations to meet the Archangel Michael “red cheeked”! Both men and women a like!

Apart then from understanding more clearly why we might respond and react in certain ways to those presence encountered and called what else can this information teach us? Well sensuality can be used in order to “court angels” – to make a stronger connection to them, to link and align with their presence, power and nature. Using candles, essential oils, music and pictures to better evoke their energy can be most effective drawing them closer and near.

Most important of all however I think is not to be ashamed in regards to you’re reactions – the Church may have tried to convince us that Angels are Divine beings, beyond such lower feelings and sensations but this simply isn’t true. Angels are creatures of feeling who were created, designed to evoke such sensations in man and woman and as such these emotions should not be run away from but rather embraced!