The ARCHEA Gabriel

The Archangel Gabriel is one of the few Angels to be mentioned by name in the Bible and THE only Angel to be depicted classically as female!

The Angel of the annunciation Gabriel is considered classically to be the messenger of God, interpreting Daniels visions – hence Gabriel’s reputation as the angel of clairvoyance, visions and omens – as well as delivering to the Mother Mary the knowledge of her impending miraculous conception.

Although in the Bible Gabriel is mentioned as being male the Angel has often been depicted as more feminine, often sharing many different symbols with the Mother Mary herself, such as the Lilly Flower and the Crescent Moon.

The proper name for a female Archangel is Archea – some believing these female Angels to be the divine feminine counterparts of the masculine Archangels – a concept that never made any sense to me as Archangels are supposed to be neither male nor female but rather androgynous or as we might say nowadays “Non Binary”!

If anything I believe that Archea’s represent the female polarised energies and characteristics of the more masculine energy of the Archangels as portrayed or made manifest by the patriarchal church. Dynamic polarised energies being maybe what was needed (or expected) from God the Divine at one point whereas now a more feminine approach and energy is required.

Of course some Angels – in our modern spiritual community – have always been seen as feminine rather than masculine such as Rhamiel – the Angel of Compassion or Tzaphkiel the Angel of the Love of the Divine Mother! Maybe in time – as and when we need them – the more masculine polarised energy of these Archea’s will manifest as Archangels revealing for us a whole new side to their personality and character.

To end then another fascinating bit of religious trivia in regards to Gabriel is that in Islam Jibra’il (the Muslim equivalent of Gabriel) is seen as either THE Angel of the Holy Spirit OR the Holy Spirit itself! A mysterious Divine solution which is sometimes seen as part of the masculine trinity of the Divine (Father, Son and Holy Ghost) or as the animating force of the Divine which both benignly possesses and conveys power upon the saints in times of need.

Fascinating then that 2020 (just around the corner) is the year of the Holy Spirit (20 being the number assigned this Cosmic Ascended Master Light Being) possibly indicating that 2020 is also the year of the ARCHEA Gabriel too!