The Archangel Gaburathiel – Angel of Strength

Angels embody archetypal energies for man for the Divine, presenting on the Divines behalf a plethora of powers and knowledge that mankind can draw upon when in need.

Take as a case in point the Archangel Gaburathiel – the Angel of Strength, often presented as an archetypal “strong man” he represents strength and power not just of body but also of mind, heart and spirit – including stamina and endurance when faced with challenge and obstacle.

When painting my Angels I was always encouraged by Spirit to “… paint what I needed …” and one day – not long after my Mother had died I remember feeling that what I needed was strength. The loss of a loved one is trying in many ways, the absence of their presence, the sudden realisation of a physical world without them plus all the organising that needs to be done in arranging the funeral and informing the relevante parties that the person is no longer there.

I remember feeling like the life force had been dragged out of me, my nerves raw, my enthusiasm depleted, my heart open, empty and sore. Gaburathiel didn’t make it all better with the wave of his hands but rather gave me the strength I lacked to see myself through that which needed to be done so that – once the other side of it – I could collapse and start to heal. I felt his big strong hands holding me up, his metal focusing my brain, his resolve and stamina keeping me stroking and focused until i no longer needed to be. As all Angels are he was a god send and I really don’t know how i would have got through it all without him.

Remember then this Angel in times of crisis and need, when faced with the challenge of death or divorce or moving home, shifting jobs or the dreaded family visit, unimaginable work loads or long and laborious journeys call upon him and let his strength and power see you through. Gaburathiel – the Angel of Strength.