Art work copyright Edwin Courtenay

In many ways this feels like its been a year of rainbows – what with all the “Pride” celebrations that have been happening up and down the country. As well as this of course Melchizedek – the grand Archangel of Communion – sometimes called the King of Angels – whose hallow (or at least one of them) is the rainbow – has also been the patron of this 12 year (2+0+1+9 =12) … 12 being his number.

Of course rainbows are not exclusively his symbol – they are aligned to certain Gods and Goddesses also – as well as to other angels, such as Irisiel the Archea of the Rainbow.

Irisiel – a lesser known female Archangel represents the power and wisdom of this miracle – a manifestation of the constituent frequencies and vibrations of light as divided from white light by the prismatic effects of rain drops in the sky. Something which is in and of itself a lesser reflection and manifestation of the manifestation of the rays – the constituent elements of the “divine” white light which is the emanation of the Divine.

As such then Irisiel represents the power and wisdom of the rays – represented and guarded over by the Masters – their dynamic powers – the esoteric fires – as well as the rainbows composite light energy. For rainbows have always been used to bring hope and comfort to the grieving or lost, those coasting on the path and heading into the shadows of the “dark night of the soul” – the spiritual depression which often occurs for many of us at some point on the spiritual path as a result of awakening and the challenges that this brings both within us and externally in our relationships and greater world.

Irisiels light then can be summoned to guide the way, to lead us out of the darkness and back towards our path and purpose, to invoke the wisdom and guiding presence of the Divine which speaks to us through the “language of the Universe” – namely sacred mathematics (numerology), sacred geometry (form), sacred sound and … colour!

Call then to Irisiel for help with all these things and more bearing in mind that now – as the officially adopted angel of the LGBTQ+ community she is at present Avery,m very busty girl!

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