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According to Thomas Levin the definition of individuation is “… not a process of improvement or of getting better but of becoming more you!”

Ru Paul (another great philosopher of our time) might call this “… attuning to your own frequency” distilling the dross of projection, expectation and the illusion of trying to be what we think others want us to be and becoming simply and purely ourselves!

It is an alchemical process which isn’t easy and which can take many, many, many years – if we achieve it at all! During the struggle we tear ourselves apart and put ourselves back together, we wash away the stain of assumption and projection and want and desire and endeavour to refine our essential being – our Prima Materia as the alchemists put it – until we become truly who and what we are.

It requires introspection, courage, strength and bravery – it requires consolidation, self acceptance and peace. Self love and a willingness to accept our limitations.

It requires us to be willing to be less that we hoped we might be, to accept fate and destiny and embrace it even when we don’t understand it so that we can at last stand unashamed of what we have become – proud of who we are and willing to live our life true to our self in authenticity and integrity, without compromise or qualm – a shining example of our truth.

Mankind has always done this – through their clothes and their look, through the words they right and speak, the philosophy and religion they adhere to and now through social media and the world wide web and I have – in many ways – always endeavoured to do it through my website too – which is my representation in the greater world.

To this end I have (with a HUGE amount of help from Andrew my web genius) recreated my web space (and the blogs look) to reflect where I am at the moment. It presents – I think – a paired back, more focused, simple and elegant version of myself. Less “spooky” and more modern, concentrating on the things I do best – teaching, offering readings and writing books. Letting go – for the time being at least – of those things that I have tried to be and yet struggled with – the healer, the artist, the shaman. The website has subtle under tones that enable me to be “out” about who I am in regards to being a bit of a country bumpkin, gay and pagan – without it being all of who I am – which these things aren’t.

It will change in time as I continue to change, as I continue to grow and individuate BUT for the time being it is a distillation of who and where I am at this moment in time and it feels good.

I heartily recommend this process to anyone seeking authenticity – though I must admit it isn’t easy. It is however healthy – as integrity breeds balance and balance breeds well being and so can definitely be seen as an investment in regards to holistic health. I hope you all enjoy the website and will continue to check back on it to see how it grows and evolves in time. For now – as always – bright blessed be.

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