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The Power of Three

A long, long time ago I had a numerology reading from a lovely man in Manchester whose name I have ashamedly forgotten! Amongst the many fascinating and accurate things he told me was information concerning my numerological pattern number!

This is the number derived from your birth day number – mine being 3 as 30 (my birthday is the 30th) reduces to 3 … 3+0=3

This then is the number that I should do things in  – I was told. Recite mantras in multiples of three, paint your home in a combination of three colours, plan to do things on the 3rd, the 6th or the 9th etc – always try to do things in three’s!

Interestingly enough 3 is one off my favourite numbers and so throughout the year I have tried to adhere to this rule and so – in keeping with this guidance – I have decided from now on to post to my blog just THREE times a week. Monday – Wednesday and Friday leaving me with the in-between days and the weekend to focus on those other (many) pressing things in my sphere!

This I think will not only enable me to get on with other stuff – of which at the moment there is plenty – but also for my readers to digest the wisdom and guidance offered without being offered another course too soon – creating spiritual indigestion and preventing them from being able to assimilate and ground the wisdom offered. 

I hope that doesn’t sound too pretentious!

The numerological pattern number has other uses too – the shape aligned to it (in my case the triangle) and its representative sacred geometric form (in my case the tetrahedron – 3 sided pyramid) and its corresponding element (in my case fire – will and surrender) can be very illuminating as can using this shape and form to meditate in! 

Give it a try – you might be surprised at the wonders it brings!


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