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Lenormand Oracle by Alexander Daniloff – Review

This Christmas (2019) I was a VERY LUCKY BOY and received some truly wonderful gifts from friends and family. Amongst my most treasured was a small deck of cards – given to me from Andrew – called the Lenormand Oracle by Alexander Daniloff.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Lenormand Oracle is is a divination deck based upon the meaning of playing cards which is said to have been invented by Marie Anne Lenormand a famous 16th Century fortune teller who read for many famous people of her time including the leaders of the French Revolution. I have several versions of the deck already and have found it to be most wonderful in the way in which it not only teaches you about the meaning of playing cards in a very pectoral manner but also its ease of use by pretty much anyone new to divination for the first time. 

I have been a HUGE fan of Alexander Daniloff’s art for a long time – I have already two of his tarot decks – the first and more traditional of which is my ABSOLUTE No 1 favourite (and I have over 500 decks in my collection)! His art has a distinctive medieval style whilst still being dreamy and slightly surreal and the colours and art work is beyond stunning. Imagine my joy when I discovered he had created a Lenormand Deck!

To say I haven’t been disappointed is an understatement – the cards are EXQUISITE! Though small they are eminently perfect for tucking into your handbag (or manbag) and carrying about with you wherever you go. The images have the same beauty and medieval feel as his first tarot does and the same dreamy magical quality too.

Needless to say I cannot recommend them enough!

Perfect in every way for the experienced reader and new comer alike these beautiful pieces of art should in my opinion grace EVERY collection. Check out Alexanders website here or find him on Facebook here he also has an instagram profile under the name Alexander Daniloff.

And no … he didn’t pay me to write this review!

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