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Maleficent Mistress of Evil!

Yesterday Little Miss Little and I went to see Maleficent Mistress of Evil at the local cinema!

I LOVED the first Maleficent film and its BEAUTIFUL depiction of elementals and magic and so was VERY much looking forwards to the sequel and I must say I wasn’t disappointed. The visuals were even more stunning than before with the depiction of the elemental kingdom going further in exploring the glory and wonder of the elemental species and their obvious connection to the natural world.

Granted the pantomime whimsy of the first film was missing and some of the laughs absent and in general the film was a lot darker in tone (as is often the case with sequels). With one VERY harrowing scene in which the elementals were trapped and facing destruction really quite upsetting (for me at least). BUT the scenes where Maleficent rediscovers her kith and kin was ASTOUNDINGLY beautiful and the Dark Fay – as they are called in the film – depicted like horned angels – which of course is how angels were originally depicted in classical art!

The introduction of the mythology of the Phoenix’s relationship to the Dark Fay was GENIUS and made for an incredibly uplifting ending that tied in with a wonderful narrative of rebirth and resurrection and how only peace, tolerance and understanding can truly save the world from division, hate and fear.

I would ABSOLUTELY recommend you go see the film at the cinema if you can – as the sweeping aerial scenes were perfect for the big screen – but you’ll have to go quick as I don’t imagine it will be on the big screen for much longer!

PERFECT then for the elemental obsessed in the spiritual community this is an absolutely MUST see and a great escape from the present doom and gloom of the weather and politics we are all enduring at the moment! 

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