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Go forwards by going backwards … it’s the ONLY way to go!

Change is the ultimate power – EVERYTHING is subject to it, love, life, death … even the Divine!

We are changing all the time, mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually – it’s rather the point of being … it’s how its meant to be. Sometimes however in order to go forwards we have to go backwards … back to the beginning, back to the past, to see what we once did and how we did it. to remember what we’ve forgotten and what we promised and to return to the way we were, so that we might become something new.

I have reached this point now – I see that I have been hovering for far too long in a complacent space where elements of my spiritual practice (and more importantly ministry) have been easy. Idling  along, adequate, well but not moving … not excelling, not moving forwards but standing still … treading water and it is time to change!

I see this now – I recognise the hints, I hear the messages, I acknowledge the shifts and changes – some minor and some systemic – that have been occurring around me which I have been in denial about and I surrender … I give in … I recognise its time to change!

I know this won’t be easy, I know I’ll struggle and protest and maybe even loose some “fans” along the way but it is as it is and nothing can stay the same forever.

In order to move forwards I know I need to return to where and how and when I began, I realise that there are things I’ve lost along the way that I need to reclaim and reintegrate to who and what I am and what I do. I know I need to be braver and stronger and that I need to trust, I know I need to allow the disorientation to occur that it might become reorientation in time. I know it is as it is meant to be, that it’s time to “let go and let the gods will be done”.

AND I know I not alone here … on this pathway and journey but rather that many of you – realise it or not – are walking by my side and so I invite you to see the truth. To realise and recognise that the time is now … to begin to make the changes that will enable you to both become the person you were always meant to be and do the work that you were always meant to do. So come on … take a breath … take my hand and lets do it together. It’s time to change “baby” and we are the only ones that can make it happen. Lets do it now before our window of opportunity is gone!



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