That Festival Life …

Andrew and I are away for the weekend – working of course – at the Mansfield Mind, Body spirit Festival.

Many – many – many – years ago I cut my psychic teeth at Psychic Fairs (long before I met Andrew) offering readings. It was – needless to say – quite the baptism of fire, challenging for a lad of 20 in such a savage psychic environment, surrounded by battle hardened professionals who – it turned out – were rather jealous of the new comers success!

Needless to say I didn’t do it for long before I turned my attentions else where.

These days I don’t do readings at fairs – finding it far too challenging (quodos is to those who do) having recently tried offering crystal skull healing at one – a day which I won’t be rushing to repeat. Nowadays I offer lectures and free one card messages – which is sometimes pushing it – preferring to keep my psychic shields well and truly up!

Also Andrew and I don’t do that many fairs – to be honest – sticking to those both close to home and those whose energy we have sampled and found to be good – as well as those which have proven to be lucrative. Something which in my opinion is a good job too as fairs and festivals can be exhausting things.

The packing and setting up and packing and unpacking being something on its own which can feel like a marathon let alone everything else that happens in between.

People coming with their weather hanging round them (to quote a Kate Bush song), their questions and woes and “fascinating conversation” alongside the invisible companions they sometimes bring which can easily hop from juicy looking aura to juicy looking aura.

Don’t get me wrong …. there are also lovely, lovely people – many of whom I learn from and benefit from – bright and shining souls whose light lifts and heals and enlightens bringing great joy to all they encounter.

Still it’s not easy and I am always in awe and admiration of those who do festivals and Mind, Body, Spirits weekend after weekend after weekend. People who have stamina far greater than my own.

So … dear reader … the next time to wander round a Mind, Body, Spirit remember those brave (and usually secretly exhausted) souls – smiling and willing to help – stood behind their stalls (very probably desperate for a sale) who might never let on just how tired they are or how fast their feet are paddling beneath those still waves. For they are greater souls of light indeed who are more than worthy of your gratitude and admiration – so if nothing else – spare them a smile!

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