The Power Within …

On the last day of my holidays I rested! I had found – as is often the case – the more I rested the tireder I became as the stress and tension energy I’d been living on for weeks and months subsided revealing the extent of my exhaustion.

A long time ago my guides explained that although healers, channels and seers work empowered by the energy of the presences that work with them and through them there was always a little of the persons own personal energy used up in the process of transforming the higher spiritual frequency and vibration into one which could be heard, seen and felt.

This inner reservoir then can become depleted over time – if it isn’t replenished – leading to a holistic collapse as the energy system shuts down and folds in on itself. Over time I’ve seen this happen to many on the path, teachers and healers (who really should know better) who have fallen victim to their own success and need and pushed through their own exhaustion burning out.

What makes such temptation even more appealing is the fact that most of these people – like myself – are self employed and therefore reluctant to turn down the work when it presents itself – knowing that there is no guarantee that it will be there in a week or months time.

However when the collapse comes it can be extreme and in the most extreme cases can cause lasting harm which one can never recover from. Like a mobile phone then sometimes we need to let out battery empty out before we recharge it, taking longer than we might think we need to first destress and then recover.

When we do this we foster the spark of the Divine within us that can regenerate the whole, leading to a renewal of the power within us and often a realignment to Soul that opens our eyes to new horizons that in our exhaustion we had become blind to.

Every time I do this I am reminded that this time I pushed it a little too far, that I waited a little too long and that next time – should I do the same – it will be harder to recover! Each time I promise I will do better taking care of myself – each time I fail BUT I live in eternal hope that I will learn from the mistakes made by friends and peers who have succumb to collapse and suffered the consequences of not resting.

If this message resonates then I would encourage you to take your own care more seriously in order to avoid greater illness in the future. foster your power – I say – rest and allow your weakening light to grow. without you no one else will be able to benefit from your glow and glory and then what use will your efforts have been for. Value yourself and let your light build and shine … I certainly intend to!


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